Worldwise: Fashion Designer Nili Lotan’s Favorite Things

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Worldwise: Fashion Designer Nili Lotan’s Favorite Things

Nililotan’s Summer 2022 Lookingbook.

Simon Elmalem

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Israeli-born fashion designer Nili
She is well-known for her elegant and approachable separates, which she wore by the likes
Jennifer Aniston

Emily Ratajkowski
Meghan Markle,
She is excited about her Summer 2022 collection. “It’s very much influenced by my lifestyle,”Lotan, who was inspired and motivated by both her Marcels, said:
-designed home in Westchester, N.Y., and a friend’s place in Ibiza, where friends and family gather for cooking, singing, and playing together. 

Lotan, a Breuer resident, designed the collection based upon her summer needs. “Long dresses, beautiful gowns,” Lotan says. “It’s the luxury of a lifestyle at the beach, at a beautiful pool, and all the things that you need during the height of summer.” 

Lotan also finds the Breuer-designed house inspiring. “It makes me appreciate the proportions, the attention to detail, the simplicity, the beauty, the consideration of nature while designing this house,”Lotan speaks highly of the home with 180-degree views over the Hudson River.

“If I’m not in my house, I’m in Ibiza,” Lotan says. “It’s the same luxurious experience; very much in nature.” 

Penta recently shared some of Lotan’s favorite things with her.

Fashion designerNili Lotan.

Courtesy Nili Lozan

The best book I’ve read in the past year is…
Patti Smith’s
 Devotion. She captures the spirit of New York so beautifully. The recent
Alice Neel
biography, The Art of Not Sitting Pretty—I bought this immediately after seeing the Alice Neel exhibit at The Met, which I loved. Her portraiture is so authentic and vulnerable. I wanted to learn more about her.

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If I could have a drink with anyone it would be… I’d have a glass of champagne with Yves Saint Laurent at the Ritz in Paris. Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite designer and Paris’ sophistication could only match his level.

One trip I’ve taken in the past that I’d like to take again is… Beresheet in Mitzpe
My husband David and I were in the Negev region of Israel. Beresheet, located on the edge Ramon crater is one the most beautiful places on the planet. The desert is a place that I find meditative. The desert landscape and its dry heat are my ultimate peace.

My favorite way to relax is…I love to cook and bake. I have always loved cooking my mom’s recipes. They make me feel like I am back in her kitchen, and that she is there with me. I used to write all her recipe while she cooked them. She also taught me how. Now, my daughters do the very same. 

The one person I’d love to dress is… 
Jackie O
Oder her sister
Lee Radziwill.
My Spring 2022 mood board was adorned with images of these two women. Their lavish, elegant lives and travels are what I long for. The clothes they wore were chic and elegant, yet simple.

The one thing inmy closet that I can’t live without is… my
Celia Jeans
Their shape is reminiscent of my favorite pair from high school. They make me feel sophisticated and polished, while still feeling pulled together.

The artist whose work I admire is…Alice Neel. Portraiture has always been a passion of mine, but Alice Neel’s work feels so modern and relevant. Not only in the subject matter but also the form, her intuitive and visceral style. 

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A passion of mine few people know about is… architecture. When I was twenty and had to choose a career, my options were architecture or engineering. fashion design. I am currently designing my home. It feels intuitive and natural. 

The thing that gets me up in the morning is… my children. I think moms don’t ever stop thinking about their children, wondering where they are, and hoping they are safe and well. They are the first thing that comes to mind when I look into reality.  

A childhood memory that I treasure is…I grew up in a small area of Netanya, a coastal town at the edge of the Mediterranean. It felt very safe and the families were very involved in each other’s lives. It was a community. The neighborhood felt like an area where everyone could play. These are the moments that I will miss, the early learning I did there.

The person who has inspired me to do what I do is…My mom. She was the one who encouraged me not to spend my adult life raising children, but to pursue my self-worth and my professional career. She believed I could do both.

This interview has been edited to be more concise and clear.

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