Home Trends and Week Report Woman takes revenge on neighbour with Valentine’s Day card after parking row

Woman takes revenge on neighbour with Valentine’s Day card after parking row

Woman takes revenge on neighbour with Valentine's Day card after parking row
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After being reported by her neighbour for parking on double yellow lines, a woman took a different approach to retaliate.

Kelly Liesse She told her TikTok followersShe decided to send a Valentine’s card to him and added that she hoped he would appreciate it. “wife will see it first”. She captioned the post as: “Its payback time [sic].”

The front of this card featured the words: “I love that you can be you. I can be ME & together we’re happy as can be.”Below is the message: ” My Simon. Happy Valentine’s Day my darling. I can’t believe I found you. But we’re meant to be.

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“I am always there for you and you’re always there for me. I could not feel this way without anyone else. My love for you grows more every day. I can’t wait to see you next, miss you so much. Your man, I love you so much.”

Kelly responded to criticism that she should have been allowed to park on the double yellow lines as she had her mother’s blue disabled badge on display. While some found the move funny, others said she was only “He hurt his innocent wife”.

Jojo59727 commented: “If this is true, then you’re completely in the wrong. This poor wife, no matter what he has done, doesn’t deserve it.” Katie Crew added: “Ok, it’s funny, but the wife doesn’t really need it. She already has to survive with a job that is worth her time so why make her more miserable.”

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Rachel C said: “You got mad because you were caught, and you decided to ruin a marriage by your mistake?” And AppleUser556688875 agreed: “How does one report someone for breaking the law?”

But others found the card hilarious. Nicki simply said: “Genius.” And Lucylou agreed: “This is fantastic! I am sorry but when someone does something hurtful, revenge is sweet.”

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