Home Cases Wildflower cases are Instagramable safeguards designed by a family of women

Wildflower cases are Instagramable safeguards designed by a family of women

Wildflower cases are Instagramable safeguards designed by a family of women
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In The Know is proud and proud to highlight women-owned businesses. During Women’s History Month, our team will highlight a new women-owned business each day. We encourage you to get involved today and throughout the year.

Every phone update brings new challenges and the search for a cover is never ending. It’s like choosing a new outfit. Covering your phone can make it look great. WildflowerCreates cases that allow users to dress up their phones in a unique and fashionable way.

Wildflower accessories are designed by Michelle Carlson with her daughters Devon Carlson and Sydney Carlson. Wildflower gives girls the space they need to express themselves in a world that encourages them to be their best selves.

What are Wildflower Phone Cases?

All of the Wildflower’s cases are limited edition. Some cases highlight Zodiac artwork created by L.A.-based artists using airbrushes Airworkz and there’s even an Emma Chamberlain-designed collab case. You can also shop more satirical products like the Pizza Slime-designed “Stop Looking At My Phone”case. The brand adds a jeweled accessory to every case. “WF”The emblem is located in the right corner.

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Wildflower is the only one that Wildflower carries at the moment iPhone cases. The brand offers cases for iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The brand’s signature outer polyurethane black rubber bumper helps to absorb shock if you drop your phone

Wildflower also offers a wide selection of iPhone cases. Urban Outfitters storesContinue reading UrbanOutfitters.com. Check out these adorable Wildflower cases.

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Shop: Emma Chamberlain$35-$37

Credit: Wildflower

Shop: Stop looking at my iPhone 11Pro Max Case, $37

Credit: Wildflower

Credit: Wildflower

Shop: Moo Moo from $35-37

Credit: Wildflower

Credit: Wildflower

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The post Wildflower cases can be used as a safeguard to protect your home from the elements. They are designed by a group of women.This article was first published on In The Know.

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