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What Y2K Fashion Trend to Try, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Y2K fashionThe trend is back with avengeance! The only way to fully embrace the trends of the turn of the millennium is to immerse ourselves in them — which means rocking the looks from that time period. For inspiration, grab your Bratz doll and copy their look. Or, find a Y2K look that matches your zodiac sign below. 

Now, that’s hot.


Fishnet tops

Your fiery spirit gives off a tough vibe… even though you’re a softie on the inside. Even more reason to wear a fishnet top — it’ll make you feel like the baddie you want to be seen as. No one will mess with you when you’re wearing this top!


Anything with rhinestones

Always one to adore pretty, shiny things, you’ll really love wearing tops, jeans, coats, and dresses that have a little — or even a lotta — sparkle. With your stellar style, you’ll be a star! fashion sense, you won’t have any issues incorporating rhinestones into your ensembles. In fact, you’ll want to add some glam to your look everyday.


Velour tracksuits

You are the winged messenger to the zodiac and you love movement. Velour tracksuits not only make you feel comfortable (which is essential for any article clothing you choose), but they also allow you to be mobile and have the flexibility to exert energy.


Crop tops

Graphic baby tees, and crop tops were popular. fashionIt was a must-have at the turn o’ the century. This trend is perfect for those who love a bold look. Let your skin show and be bold! fashionA graphic tee will make you stand out!

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Cut out one-shoulder dresses

There aren’t many signs in the zodiac who have the confidence to rock a dress like this, but as the fearless and wondrous lion, this look was made for you. You should take plenty of selfies in this dress! Instagram loves a thirst-trap, you know that.


Sweater vests

Your birthday month begins in the last days of summer, and ends as fall begins. This means your sign thrives in the middle-of-the-seasons. To symbolize your calm and chill nature, wear a sweater vest over your favorite shirt.


Angora sweater sets

You’re always wearing the latest and greatest looks — and only the softest frocks work for you, fashion queen. You love luxurious and decadent fabrics in a variety color palettes. This is why your Y2K vibe will be an angora sweater ensemble. The fabric can be worn in a combination of a bralette, cardigan, and cropped cardigan to give a modern twist to this early aughts style.


Pleather pants

As a Scorpio, you’re known to be extremely intoxicating and sensual, which is why you’ll be thrilled to wear a pair of pleather pants. The “whoa” factor will be high when you go out in these incredible pants, so be prepared to turn lots of heads when you’re out and about with friends.


Low-rise pants

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