Volvo Partners With Iconic Fashion Designer Phillip Lim To Launch Sustainable, Unisex Bag

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Volvo Partners With Iconic Fashion Designer Phillip Lim To Launch Sustainable, Unisex Bag

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Fashion designerPhillip Lim has partnered Volvo Cars to bring you the best of both worlds. design a weekend bag using the car brand’s new sustainable material Nordico.

Nordico is made of bio-based, recycled and renewable materials and replaces traditional leather for Volvo interiors.

Phillip Lim and Volvo Cars share a commitment for sustainability. That is why they collaborated to create this limited-edition weekend bag to help eco-conscious travelers.

The bag itself is inspired by classic luggage with inspiration from Volvo’s Scandinavian designRoots It will be a soft-structured piece that features a double-strap and hidden storage throughout.

Lim says “Using Volvo’s new sustainable material Nordico, we were able to showcase the versatility of the fabric and symbolize how animal-based materials can be replaced without compromising function or beauty.”

Volvo had earlier announced that the C40 Recharge fully electric cars would be leather-free in this year’s collaboration announcement.

Volvo representatives say this reflects the company’s ambition to actively find high-quality and sustainable sources for many materials currently used in the wider car industry.

“We have a vision of where we need to go in the future, with the first step to ensure we harness sustainable, natural and recycled materials,”Robin Page, Head of designVolvo Cars. “The
collaboration with 3.1 Phillip Lim, to create a bag inspired by tomorrow’s materials, solidifies both our ambitions to challenge the wider design industry to reconsider the materials we use. From creating runway collections to the interiors of cars, we have a shared responsibility to find sustainable material alternatives”

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Officials say that the bag will not be sold due to its limited edition, but people can still get it through local market initiatives like competitions, charity auctions and giveaways.

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Lim says “It is an honor to join projects that bring awareness to the development of new materials that are changing the landscape of design. It is our responsibility to change the paradigm of responsible luxury. “

Click here to shop Phillip Lim’s collection.

Click here to read more about Volvo Car’s sustainability efforts.

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