Vintage Now fashion show returns after a year

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Vintage Now fashion show returns after a year

CAPE GIRARDEAU (Mo. (KFVS), – In just one week, the Vintage Now Fashion showAfter the pandemic, the fundraiser was put on hold.

“We take vintage clothes and mix it with modern, so it’s a little bit of everything,”Deb Boyer Maevers is the director of Vintage Now.

The Vintage Now return is planned for the fashion showMaevers and her group will raise money to support 100 years of a charity. fashionYou can bring music, music, world events, and more to life with “A Tale of Time”.

One year after the showThe pandemic caused the cancellation.

“We had a little more time to make it fabulous, but it was odd not to have a show last year after 12 years,” Maevers said.

All proceeds of this event go to the Safehouse of Southeast Missouri.

Jessica Hill, executive Director of the Safehouse, said that not having the showIt was a huge loss for them.

“In 2019 our proceeds after expenses were 110 thousand dollars. In 2020 we receive about 50,000 dollars,”Hill stated.

She said that they have more people interested than ever in next week’s event.

“We have already sold 1300 tickets,”Hill stated.

150 people have volunteered to help fill the Show Me Center. Some will model, dance and sincere.

“These ladies have been showing up once a week for 2 hours every single week, and then they are also doing extra rehearsals,” Lakrisha Moore, talent director said.

Moore stated that there will be performances for every decade, starting in the 1920s. This year’s showInteractive features will be greater than ever before.

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“I’m really excited and I think it’s going to be an awesome show,”Moore stated.

When Maevers was asked what her hopes are for this year’s showShe says she hopes to offer hope to victims of abuse.

“Even if it’s just one person that benefits from our show and give them for a new future free of abuse we’ve done a great job,” Maevers said.

The Show takes place at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau on Oct. 9. Tickets can be purchased at Pastimes Antiques or Safe House for Southeast Missouri Thrift. show doors.

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