Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show canceled due to changing views

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American retailer Victoria’s Secret and its heavenly, winged Angels have long been lauded for presenting and marketing lingerie in a unique way, particularly through its annual televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowCBS.

Since the first show1995 was the year of the network television extravaganza. Models walked down a runway wearing only their most basic clothes, while music played in the background. The soundtrack featured Shawn Mendes (Harry Styles), Maroon 5, Maroon 5, The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran, as well Taylor Swift. toThe showIn the recent past.

It’s undeniable that Victoria’s Secret’s Angels of the past — think Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bündchen — and present are beautiful women. Unfortunately for the brand, in modern times where ideals of women’s body standards are shifting toward a more diverse narrative, Victoria’s Secret’s traditional marketing strategy is no longer relevant with consumers.

The brand’s inability to accommodate size has led to a negative image of the tall, thin, toned, clear-skinned, and hairless model.

A Victoria’s SecretMany storefronts, whether digital or physical, are available for purchase. “sexy”In a way that is intimidating for the average person. The Angels plastered on the walls are far from inviting, and may only play into the insecurities of today’s women and girls.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand reinvented and embraced the evolving ideal of sexy utilizing body positivity in its runway shows and on its website. 2018 Savage X Fenty showGet ready to shake up fashionindustry featured a diverse and inclusive model lineup, and even two pregnant models showing off the beauty of their bellies toThe audience. Rihanna’s makeup and lingerie brands have been praised for bringing in and normalizing greater diversity in the beauty and fashion industries.

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Victoria’s Secret’s parent company L Brands cited the reason for the show’s cancellation as quite something different from popular thought. The company didn’t believe that “network television is the right fit for the show”It is currently “rethinking literally everything”It’s here toCEO Les Wexner said that the event would be recreated in its entirety.

This is an oversimplification of the broader problem with Victoria’s SecretAs a brand. Les Wexner was reportedly connected earlier this year. toJeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offenders and disgraced financier, is a long-time acquaintance.

Vogue magazine’s 2018 interview with Ed Razek was contentious. He stated that he was the former chief marketing officer of L Brands. “transsexuals” and plus-size women weren’t featured in the showBecause “the show is a fantasy.”

His comments were met with appropriate criticism. Celebrities such as Halsey, who performed during the 2018 Olympics showCriticized it for a lack diversity among the models. Karlie Kloss was the only one to criticize it. She quit her wings in 2015. to study at New York University and distance herself from the brand’s archaic “fantasy,”Razek’s support for transgender and larger-sized communities was criticised

Last year’s showThe event attracted a record-breaking 3.3 million viewers. People boycotted it, and Razek retired in August.

L Brands has tried since toReverse some of the damage to its image, hiring its first transgender model, Valentina Sampaio, for Victoria’s SecretPink, a line of athletic wear. It also hired Barbara Palvin, an Angel who appears to be more accommodating for women of all sizes. Although she is a deserving and great woman, many would argue that Palvin is not a significant departure from the original. show’s current marketing strategy.

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Victoria’s SecretIs losing its footing within the fashionThe 21st century is a time when other brands are moving forward and incorporating more holistic narratives and forms representations in their marketing.

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