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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Long-Distance Couples 2022

Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Long Distance Couples
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Distance may make the heart grow fonder — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Relationships can be difficult in general, but it’s even more so if you are with your S.O. LDR relationships can make it difficult to express your love and keep your relationship intact. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the quest for finding the perfect gifts for long-distance couples is all the more pressing. Sure, you could opt for mailing your boo a standard box of chocolates and a sweet love letter, but why not opt for a more unique gift that will actually strengthen your bond — whether through a dash of humor courtesy of a “girlfriend” pillow or a sex toy that allows you to get intimate with your partner even when you’re restricted to remote love-making?

Whether you’ve moved away from your loved one to embark on a new career journey, or decided to take on a graduate degree at an out-of-state University, long-distance love may not be an easy feat, but keeping the romance alive from a distance is far from impossible (pun intended). One of my ex-boyfriends and I lived about three hours apart during the entirety of our three-year partnership, and while the 150 miles away from one another was frankly nothing compared to distances apart that some of my friends have endured with their boyfriends and girlfriends, it was still a bit of a struggle to make things work — especially when it came to holidays, anniversaries, and of course, Valentine’s Day.

While seeing your main squeeze IRL for the holiday of romance is obviously the ideal scenario, it’s not always a feasible option when you’re on opposite ends of the country. But, thoughtful gifts are a great idea. “love language,”The gesture will be appreciated. show your partner how much they mean to you — even if you can’t be together to celebrate your love for one another. We’ve rounded up a few gift ideas for LDR couples that will show them you care, and be a useful ally in keeping the passion alive and palpable, whether it’s V-Day or not.

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Portal From Facebook 10-Inch video calling device

If you’re looking to upgrade your virtual communication with a long distance S.O., investing in Portal’s advanced Video Calling DeviceThis will make all the difference. Portal’s devices allow you to “feel there when you can’t be there,” and are equipped with a smart camera that automatically adjusts to your movement, so you don’t have to stay seated on the couch while you’re chatting. The best thing? Portal is offering a slew of Valentine’s Day promotionsRight now through February 15, inclusive Portal Plus products at $50 off, $30 off Portal From Facebook, $20 Discount on Portal TV from Facebook

STYLECASTER | gifts long distance couples

Courtesy Oculus.

Oculus Quest 2

This is the ideal gift for gamers as well as long-distance couples. Advanced VR headsetThis allows you and your friend to play certain multiplayer games together from afar. The Quest 2 has upgraded features that enhance your gaming experience, including crystal-clear graphics and redesigned control functionality.

NOOK Galaxy Projector

Courtesy NOOK.

NOOK Galaxy Projector

Stargaze with the help NOOK’s Galaxy Projector. Explore the 10 settings and marvel at the 16 million colors. You can also set the mood with music and Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled projectors. Use code STYLECASTER15 for a 15% discount on the Galaxy Projector

Aura Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame

Courtesy Aura

Aura Carver Luxe Frame

Curate and upload your fave couples photos to Aura’s Carver Luxe digital picture frame. All you need to do is connect to Wi-Fi to get the Aura App. Soon, they’ll be receiving warm reminders of the precious memories you share together.

Goldbelly Lobster Care Package for Two

Courtesy Goldbelly

Goldbelly Gourmet Meal

You might not be able to go to an in-person candlelit dinner, but you can feast at home thanks to Goldbelly’s wide variety of gourmet meals. Order one to your home and another to your partner’s home and you’re ready to enjoy a romantic dinner together. This one is a McLoons Lobster Shack – Lobster Care Package For Two. It comes with a lobster-roll kit, a blueberry bread pudding with a heart-shaped design, and a cup de clam chowder. Check out Goldbelly’s other Valentine’s Day offeringsFind the perfect meal for you, your S.O.

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StyleCaster | Gossip Girl Gifts

Courtesy HBO Max.

HBO Max Subscription

Instead of going to the movies with your friends, bring the movies to each of your homes. You can cave in and Get an HBO Max subscription so that you two can share an account and binge-watch Valentine’s Day romcoms together.

letters to open when Non Cheesy Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Long Distance Couples


This genius love letter book allows you to send notes and words of encouragement before splitting, allowing your partner to open a surprise message when they’re feeling down or need a bit of a pep talk when you’re not around.



We-Vibe Sync Vabrator

Your S.O. may live miles away, so keeping intimacy alive is difficult. Your S.O. lives far away so keeping in touch is difficult. We-Vibe’s Sync-enabled vibratorHowever, s are a great alternative to the real deal. Basically, you buy the toy and download their app, Touch, on your smartphone, and you’re able to get off and get it on with your partner — even when you’re apart. It’s seriously a game-changer for long-distance lovers.




Girlfriend Body Pillow

This may not be the most practical choice, but if your boo is funny, he/she will enjoy it. As an aside, I had the following: “Boyfriend”It was my desk companion for more than a year before I met my real-life BF. It kept me warm and cozy during the coldest days. Don’t worry, a pillow will never replace you.

long distance touch bracelet uncommon goods Non Cheesy Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Long Distance Couples

Uncommon Goods

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Communicating via text, Skype, or even Google Hangout is critical when you’re not near your partner, but not even the most advanced technology can replace physical touch. Fortunately, these next-level bracelets simulate the feel of being touched by your love—even when you’re oceans away. Powered by an app, These bracelets light up and vibrate when touched by a partner., allowing you to signal to your partner that you’re thinking of them.


Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Dual-Therapy Weighted Blanket

If you can’t cuddle with your honey IRL, trust me, weighted (alternatively dubbed “anxiety blankets”) are the best alternative to get you through your solitude. Although I don’t have an LDR, I do have anxiety and trouble falling asleep at night. This 15-pound (or the 20-pound) is my best option. Weighted blanket makes me feel like I’m being hugged from every angle. It is the only thing I can live without.



“The Astrology of Love & Sex”

I’m not going to lie: every time I start seeing someone new, I instantly start googling my potential future BF and I’s relationship prognosis based on the Zodiac. This book provides a comprehensive account of love and sexual compatibility. It’s a really great gift that feels like a fresh alternative to the standard Kama Sutra.


Uncommon Goods

Long Distance Friendship lamp set

These friendship lamps may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but if you’ve ever embarked on long-distance love, you know that any means of feeling closer when apart is totally welcomed. One partner touches the other’s heart. in-sync lampThe corresponding lamp can be held by hand and emits the same glow no matter where each person is located. I mean… that’s super cute, right?



Digital Countdown Timer

This may not be the gifting choice for the anxious at heart, but it does give you and your partner a visual reminder that there’s something to look forward to—the next time you get to see one another IRL. A countdown to the next trip can be a sweet way of adding some mutual tension and keeping the longing for each other on a positive note. You can save five percent by clipping the coupon on the product pages.

Aureday 12” LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder Amazon

Photo: Aureday.

LED Ring Light with Stand & Phone Holder

This may seem like a random choice, but clearly, when you’re in an LDR, video chat is an absolute must. You may feel a little stiff after hours of holding your phone at the perfect angle. If this happens, you can gift or invest in a tripod stand powered by a ring light. This will make communication much more efficient.


Uncommon Goods

Love Box Spinning Heart Messenger

This adorable little love box takes texting with Bae up a notch. This is basically it “kinetic, modern take on the classic love note,”This allows you and your partner the ability to Use the app to send messagesThe heart-adorned box is prompted to shake (see GIF below).

This article was originally published in January 2020.

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