Home Trends and Week Report Valentine’s Day campaigns, a ‘meetha’ success for us: Anil Viswanathan, Mondelez India

Valentine’s Day campaigns, a ‘meetha’ success for us: Anil Viswanathan, Mondelez India

Valentine’s Day campaigns, a ‘meetha’ success for us: Anil Viswanathan, Mondelez India
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Mondelez’s Valentine’s Day campaigns for Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and 5 Star clearly stood out amidst an equally interesting pool of campaigns on the special day of love. The campaigns were created by Ogilvy, executed by Wavemaker, and incorporated creativity, technology, core brand philosophy, and good design.

Both campaigns generated a lot buzz with an interesting OOH strategy. Both brands appeared to be engaging in banter at prime spots, giving both lovers and singles a chance to celebrate.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk decided that it was time to go further than ever by inviting a young couple for a dinner date at the Metaverse, India’s first-ever restaurant. exchange4media.com had a conversation with Anil Viswanathan, Mondelez India Vice President – Marketing, about the idea behind the campaigns, the creative strategy, and the overwhelming response it has been getting.

Here are some edited excerpts:

What was the creative brief for the agency for the Valentine Day’s campaign?

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we find ourselves amongst two sets of people – the love-struck couples who have planned their day minute-by-minute, and then we have the singles who would want to run away from all the mush. At Mondelez India, we wanted to do something different and cater to both sides of the same coin as a part of our Valentine’s Day campaign – the couples as well as the singles.

We have been building on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk since 2015, nudging the young hearts to express their love, to try and go beyond the usual and make it special for their partner. Cadbury 5 Star saw this year as the second year of using Valentine’s Day to make singles feel special and included in our larger proposal. ‘Do Nothing’. Both brands were given a simple brief.

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Cadbury Silk wanted its young consumers (14- to 25-year-olds), to show their love and make their partner blush. We understand that our target audience comprising young individuals and teenagers often celebrate Valentine’s Day in secrecy and we intended to help them create and share custom messages with their special someone. This idea was brought alive by introducing real-time personalization of Augmented Reality. This allows consumers to scan Cadbury ads in TV, newspapers and hoardings to create secret messages for their loved one. The new heart pop package – a strawberry-flavoured, pink heart surrounded in Cadbury Silk chocolate – further enhances the fun of secretly sharing love messages.

Cadbury 5 Star: Building on the ‘Do Nothing’proposition. Our brief was to have a fun look at the plight singles who are repeatedly asked the most dreaded question. ‘What plans this Valentine’What is s Day? How can they escape with such a creative answer? We wanted to incorporate the use of the in our humor and quirk. ‘Nothing Coins’In the most creative way possible

What was the plan for the ambush between Silk & 5 Star? What was your initial reaction when you heard the idea?

Cadbury Silk was talking to couples, but Cadbury 5 Star created an opportunity for singles to own the occasion. By doing this, we were able to build contrasting messages between these two brands within our chocolate portfolio to talk to all kinds of lovers during Valentine’s whether single or in a relationship. Our Cadbury 5 Star campaign worked in tandem to what CDM Silk was doing because it was targeting different groups and offering a view that appealed primarily to singles.

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The audience is responding positively to the campaigns. What do you think?

Raksha Bandhan (Diwali) and Raksha Bandhan (Raksha Bandhan) have been the most popular and successful events for us to date. However, this year’s overwhelming response sets a new record for Valentine’s Day and the brand teams are very grateful for all the love our campaigns have garnered this year.

Apart from the numbers, this year’s Valentine’s Day is extra special as both the contrasting campaigns were tech-led. For the first time, we used personalised AR technology to allow CDM Silk customers to send secret messages. For Cadbury 5 Star, we created special scannable packs giving consumers a chance to win a holiday at Cintacor island aka My Cousin’s Wedding. We went one step further and built a fake embassy to process visas for visitors. ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’.

Within the first week of the campaigns going online, more than 70,000 people scanned the Cadbury 5 Star pack. 11 lakh secret messages video card were created by couples using the Cadbury Silk Heart Pop special package.  We were overwhelmed by the positive response. Valentine’s Day has indeed become a ‘meetha’We are committed to success.

What was the media strategy for the campaign other than the OOH ambush and the OOH ambush.

Cadbury Silk’s #HowFarWillYouGoToMakeThemBlush campaign was further supported by partnerships like that with Spotify where users could create custom playlists with unique hidden voice messages from their respective partners, something only accessible to the two. Whereas Cadbury 5 Star’s Valentine’s Day Alibi campaign also scaled up activations offline through a faux embassy and activated partnerships with various influencers and media platforms. 

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How did the digital component of the campaign reach and engage?

Cadbury Dairy Milk silk

  • Silk website has created 61 Lakh + Secret messages video cards.
  • The campaign had 163MM reach as of February 24th and 360MM impressions on Social Media.
  • Google has ranked the campaign at 165MM, with 222 MM impressions, and 40 MM+ views.
  • Cadbury 5 Star

    Metrics for NothingCoin Website

  • According to reports, pack scans accounted for more than 66 689
  • 8 million coins were mined
  • of minutes of mining – 2.5M hours of mining till date
  • The campaign reached 190MM people on social media as of 24 February and had 587MM impressions.
  • Google has ranked the campaign at 136MM reach, with 177MM impressions, and 42Mn+ views.
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