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Ultimate Guide to Wear Long Sleeve Shirts Under Short Sleeve Shirt

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When the temperature is stable, folding is the favorite collocation of fashion people. It’s hot to wear more and cold to wear less. Therefore, folding of long and short sleeves has become a trend.


Wearing a light T-shirt or shirt inside and a short sleeved sweater or other styles of items outside not only meets everyone’s needs for warmth, but also has a variety of patterns and full of new ideas. It will attract people’s attention when you go out

Great Creative Style Generated From Normal Conception

Wearing Long shirts under short sleeve shirts is generally a combination of two or more pieces with different styles. This matching method is particularly easy to highlight a person’s personality, which is a bit like mixing and matching. In spring and summer, we choose to wear long and short sleeves.

In fact, folding wear has not been popular for a long time. It has become popular since about 18 years. It is both beautiful and handsome, and has street style. Therefore, many fashion professionals like to use folding wear in their daily collocation.


Fashion points of long and short sleeve folding

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Does it look very simple? But if you pay attention to skills when matching, the fashion sense of the overall shape will double. For example, when choosing the inner style, it’s best to be slim, so that the slender arms can be displayed, and the shape shows the curvilinear beauty of the figure. How can it be not fashionable.“长短袖叠穿”真的很酷

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In addition, in terms of style design, If the two pieces with long and short sleeves are more different in style, the contrast effect will be stronger, so as to increase the fashion sense of modeling. Moreover, the collocation with different styles will have more advantages in highlighting their own style.

Ultimate Tips You need to know About Wearing Sleeved Shirts Under Sleeveless Shirts

Striped Shirts Make Effect of Stretching“长短袖叠穿”真的很酷

We know that shirts and T-shirts must not be forgotten, because in spring and summer, if you want to create a fashion of folding long and short sleeves, you must have one shirt and T-shirt. The Striped Shirt seems to be more distinctive, and the shape matched with it is still very distinctive.

The shirt with vertical stripe design will be thin because the lines have the visual effect of stretching the body shape. When the long and short sleeves are overlapped, the long sleeved stripe shirt may be a little richer than the monochrome matching.

Mix and match short sleeved T-shirts or loose shirts, which are clever and fashionable.


In fact, when matching, you can also look more gorgeous, as long as you choose some mature and textured pieces, such as elegant and small fragrant tweed fabrics. There is also a silhouette cut piece, which is folded with long and short sleeves to create a shape.Such long and short sleeves are actually more suitable for women who are more mature.

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There are many printed items, and the common printed items in summer are shirts, dresses and, of course, T-shirts. When printed shirts or printed T-shirts create the fashion of overlapping long and short sleeves, the overall style will look different. However, this is a kind of long and short sleeves with high segment. When matching, you should be careful and disorderly, and pay attention to the matching of colors.

In fact, printing and folding is the best way to get rid of the dull feeling of modeling. Girls with personality prefer printing and folding.


Sports street style

The sports street style with long and short sleeves can be said to be my favorite, and it is also very suitable for summer.


The folding of long and short sleeved T-shirts like this is still the simplest black-and-white collocation. It is especially sporty and street style. It is suitable for both boys and girls. It is handsome and natural. How can it not be exciting.

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