Toddler Steals Show While Walking on the Ramp During Fashion Event

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Bella Hadid is out of fashion! A clip showing a little girl falling from a roof is viral on social media. fashion showAnd

You can do the runway walk.

The original TikTok video was then shared by fashionKristen Weaver, a photographer, posted this photo on Instagram earlier in the week. Given the

The toddler is all smiles and grace on the ramp.

The clip shows the girl dressed in a lovely flowing summer dress in vibrant pink colour, nonchalantly strolling like any other fashionModel.The little girl, with her curly blonde hair, exudes confidence while walking with her hands on her waist.

That’s not it. She took in all the attention and applauded the crowd. Then she stopped to take in the moment and stop at the cameras to click her photos. 



“It’s currently around 18m views on TikTok and I never expected it to blow up but Abrianna is an angel and I’m glad she’s making everyone so happy! She is World’s Perfect Toddler 2021!”The caption appears on the post.

This video was shared August 17th and has been liked over 5,000 times with hundreds of reactions. While many were simply stunned at the little one’s confidence, others expressed how she totally stole the show.

“She’s so cute!!! And the star of the whole show,”A user on Instagram wrote the following:

“It’s the Zoolander stare, the skill to showI love her dress and the amazing profile Dior Pose’ she did for me She’s precious and she understands the assignment.” commented another

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“Loved her sassy walk!,”A third agreed.

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