This modern-day Cinderella movie featuring Camila Cabello has several significant fashion moments an

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The trailer for Cinderella, which is Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming spin-off movie, promises an interesting story with a modern twist, as opposed to the original fairy tale from decades ago. The trailer, which features Camila Cabello, the protagonist, suggests a story that focuses more on individual empowerment, independence, and subtle messages on diversity and inclusion.

Cinderella’s Trailer begins with showing Camila CabelloAspiring young woman who wants to be a nurse. fashion designerHer own line of clothing, named ‘Dresses by Ella’. We also see the townsfolk mocking her for her dreams of becoming a businesswoman, and her stepmother openly claiming that Ella’s late father was the only reason that stood between Ella and a ‘life on the streets,’ establishing the plot we’ve all come to know: the cruelty of the stepmother. What was strikingly different in this modern tale was that Ella is encouraged to be optimistic and seek a better future that would transform her life.

You can watch the trailer here

The story has not been altered in any way. The trailer has retained some of the original story’s cuteness and charm by including Ella’s mouse friends as her wingmen in this version too. James Corden, comedian and television host, makes a brief appearance as one the mice who are transformed into footmen. The movie has also left the main plot untouched, like the king ordering his son to find a bride for himself at a ball, Ella’s dress being ruined before she leaves for the ceremony, and a fairy godmother giving her another chance to go.

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Here’s one of the signs that the trailer shows that this version Cinderella Progressiver is better. We see style icons, actor, and singer. Billy Porter appearing as Ella’s fairy godmother (defying the notion that fairy godmothers are mostly female), wearing a sparkling gold gown similar to the black one he wore on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars. Billy made a significant fashionStatement with his outfit at Academy Awards and broke many stereotypes associated with the idea of “masculinity.”

Cinderella, Camila Cabello, fashion, modern fairy tale, Billy Porter
Billy Porter is Ella’s fairy godmother

The trailer also features a scene in which the prince convinces Ella to become his princess. Ella asks. “What about my work?”Her reply to the question is: “I don’t want a life waving from a royal box anymore than being confined to a basement,”Imagining Ella as an independent woman.

Next, we move on to the other epic fashionIn the trailer, we see many outfits from different periods in one movie. Ella is seen in a pantsuit, while others are wearing flowing skirts, corsets, and gowns. Here are some of the most loved ensembles.

The pantsuit

Cinderella, Camila Cabello, fashion, modern fairy tale, Billy Porter

Billy Porter saves Ella from her fairy godmother and helps to get her to the ball. He first gives her a nice blue pantsuit with a neatly tucked white shirt. Ella wants to become a businesswoman.

The dreamy, handmade gowns

Cinderella, Camila Cabello, fashion, modern fairy tale, Billy Porter, James Corden

The flow-y ball gowns that flare out at the bottom are probably on every girl’s list of outfits to try at least once in life. The trailer shows Ella and other characters wearing beautiful artisanal gowns in striking shades, paired with elegant accessories.

The simple, but adorable corsets

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Cinderella, Camila Cabello, fashion, modern fairy tale, Billy Porter, James Corden

We also see corsets that work perfectly with and elevate Ella’s workwear dresses.

Kay Cannon directs. Cinderella’s cast includes Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan. The movie will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting September 3.

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