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This Is What Most People Want For Valentine’s Day

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Every year, February 14th sneaks up on me — which is funny, because I love Valentine’s Day. As soon as I take my Christmas tree down, I cover the walls of my apartment with pink and red hearts and tissue paper roses and start planning what I’ll get my loved ones. Then January hits me like a steamroller, and suddenly we’re almost halfway into February and I haven’t made a dinner reservation or mailed out the Valentines that were going to make up for the fact that I never sent holiday cards in December.

It seems I’m not the only one procrastinating, though: A recent survey of over 1,000 Americans found that 40 percent of people wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to buy a gift, with 10 percent of them shopping (presumably frantically) on the big day itself. That’s okay though, because nearly half of respondents (48 percent) just want to have a nice dinner at a restaurant. In other words — call up or get online and make that reservation now! It is easy to pick up other popular gifts, such as chocolate (34% want it) or flowers (31% prefer them).

Luckily, there’s still time to pick up gifts for your loved ones. We’ve rounded up a few editor-endorsed items that are sure to surprise and delight everyone from romantic partners to gal pals, children, and parents. (And don’t forget to treat yourself, while you’re at it!)

This Year’s Most-Wanted Valentine’s Gifts

Here’s what survey respondents said they wanted (keep in mind that they were allowed to choose more than one thing, so the percentages add up to more than 100), plus a few of our personally-recommended suggestions.

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  • Enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant (48%).
  • Chocolate (34 percent)
  • Flowers (31%).
  • Experiences such as a massage, or a concert (28%).
  • Jewelry (25%)
  • Vacation (22%)
  • A handmade gift (17 percent)
  • A new electronic item (14%) such as a smartwatch, smart phone, or smartwatch
  • Do you have someone with a sweet tooth on your Valentine’s list? You can’t go wrong with Jelly Belly’s Conversation Beans ($6 at Jelly Belly)These sweet-sounding sour fruity flavors come in a variety of flavors, including sour cherry and sour apple. I’m giving Them to my daughters this year, along with a couple of more personally selected items:

    For my college student, who’s the head of her dorm’s social activities committee, a bottle of Tequila Rose, a strawberry cream liqueur that’s delicious served as a chilled shot or in a grown-up milkshake, is sure to be a hit (only for those of legal drinking age, of course!). And for my dairy-loving younger daughter, a gift box from the Cheese Brothers hit the spot — they sent us the “Love is Cheesy”CollectionI gave it to her a few days earlier, much to my delight, and she has been enjoying it. Amazon has many other optionsYou can also find it here. Here are some yummy-smelling recipes. Lush bath items are rounding out the gift-giving extravaganza — and rest-assured, I saved some out for myself (their cinnamon-and-rose-scented “I Can Resist Everything but Temptation” shower gelThis has been my go to in the shower for every month.

    The Best Chocolate, Jewelry, and Electronics for Valentine’s Day

    What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Our favorite organic, earth-friendly brand is Alter EcoIt empowers farmers and reverses climate change through sustainable production practices. It’s available iHerb, Walmart, Lucky Vitamin, Hive Brands, and (probably) your local grocery store’s organic foods section. I’m partial to the Almond Butter Bombs, myself.

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    Of course, jewelry is also a popular choice, and if you’re looking for the perfect present for yourself, I recommend Click here to go to Abbott LyonYou can order one of their beautiful, high-quality pieces that are personalized and affordable. The Mini Heart Birthstone necklaceThis necklace, which costs $76, can be worn alone or with other jewelry. Are you a Sex and the City nerd who has watched every episode and the behind-the scenes documentary? Get Your very own “Carrie”Necklace — with your own name, of course — on sale now for just $86. (Full disclosure: I gave them to my daughters for Christmas and they haven’t taken them off since.)

    The more practical-minded among us, or at least the 14 percent of folks surveyed who said they wanted electronics for Valentine’s Day, might appreciate some cute new earbuds, like These lilac-hued Jabra ones (Jabra Elite 3 $80 at Amazon).

    Are you looking for someone special to be your Valentine? Someone you can gift with gifts? You might find your perfect match in our article about the best senior dating sites. However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hope it’s sweet.

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