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This Heart Nail Art Hack Is So Cute And Easy (All You Need Is A Bobby Pin)

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we keep seeing adorable dinky heart nail art designs pop up all over our Instagram feed and we want in.

Although they look professional, it seems like it is much easier to achieve the mani look at home. Melanie @overglowedit is one of our favorite Insta nail artists Here’s a mini-tutorial showing us how it’s done and honestly, we think we’re in with a shot of pulling it off ourselves. 

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The good news is you don’t have to head to Amazon for a bunch of dotting tools and teensy nail brushes. Melanie used an old bobby pin with the end of a cocktail sticks.

“A mini tutorial on how to draw hearts when you don’t have nail art tools on hand,” Melanie wrote alongside The post.

“Normally I’d use a dotting tool and a small brush, but it’s easily achievable with a bobby pin as your dotting tool and a toothpick,” Melanie explains. “It’s not the most precise application, but it’s something fun to do if you want to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit!”

The method is simple: create two dots in the middle of your nail by placing the ball on the end your body pin in polish. Next, dip the toothpick in nail polish. Next, use the toothpick to draw the point of the heart. Create two diagonal lines that join to form a dot. You are done! It’s that simple. 

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And, given Valentine’s Day is still a couple of weeks away, that gives us plenty of time to practice. 

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