Home Costumes The Stanley Hotel Ghost Pictures That Will Give You The Creeps

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Pictures That Will Give You The Creeps

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Pictures That Will Give You The Creeps
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You don’t need to wait until Halloween to get a scare. Any time is a good place to tell a ghost story. The Stanley Hotel in Estes is one of the most haunted spots in the country, so we’re always able to tell scary stories from it.

The Stanley is well-known for its role in many movies, but most famously as the Overlook Hotel Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film. “The Shining,”  and for, well, its hauntings. Many ghost stories and hauntings have been reported and documented over the years.

Some stories are just plain creepy: strange shadows, strange loud noises, voices and children’s laughter are just a few of the many that are enigmatic and unsolvable.

Walking in the hotel is for me a surreal experience. “The Shining”This is one of my favorite movies. It’s an amazing experience to see it up close.

So, is The Stanley Hotel haunted by ghosts?

No matter what your opinion, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most frightening encounters captured in photographs that will give you the shivers.

1. The Stanley Hotel stairs, the ghost girl

Let’s begin with this one, taken by a group on a tour. Notice the figure in front. A family snapped this picture on the stairs of this creepy little girl while visiting the hotel. They claimed that they didn’t see any (living!) little girls during their tour.

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2. More about the staircase of the haunted Stanley Hotel

Henry Yau captured the image of an older woman with her child. CNN was actually there to capture the action. Share the photo. SUPER creepy if you ask me.

3. Infamous Stanley Hotel Room 215, the Stephen King Suite 

Kirin Johnson said that during his stay in room 217 he was awoken by a loud “bang”Like something very heavy was falling. Later, he heard a woman’s low laughter next to his bed. Oh, HAIL no!

Can you stay in room 217 of The Stanley Hotel? Yes, if you dare.

4. Ghost in the mirror 

Imagine feeling pushed but nobody behind you. Beth and her husband were on a haunted tour when she felt that and decided to snap a picture of what looks like the previous owner’s wife, Flora, standing right behind her, while the smell of phantom roses appeared. (Note the way the lady appears straight despite the mirrors looking spiraled. GEEZ!

5. Ghostly woman in the window

This photo was taken by a visitor within the last year. It shows a woman looking out the window. The problem is that hotel workers couldn’t explain why this happened because the particular part of the hotel had been closed for an extended time.

Townsquare Media

Townsquare Media

6. Mysterious messages 

Cathryn Sanders, a woman from The Stanley, stated that her daughter does not remember ever telling her family that an unwelcome figure had told her that they were not needed there.

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