The Recorder – FAB Fashion Boutique to unveil designs at runway show in Turners Falls

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The Recorder - FAB Fashion Boutique to unveil designs at runway show in Turners Falls

Published at 3:42:25 PM on 10/7/2021

TURNERS FALLS — FAB Fashion Boutique owner and high fashion designer Richie Richardson is hosting his FAB 4 Fall Collection Sidewalk Runway Fashion Show and Sell on Saturday at 4 p.m.

His fame is due to his “ethnic chic”The Trinidad-born are very artistic designerExperience in clothing design in the Caribbean, Brooklyn, New York allows for fresh ideas to Turners Falls.

Hosted by Kathryn Swanson of Swanson’s Fabrics in celebration of the boutique’s fourth anniversary, FAB 4 will be a two-part exhibition bisected by a musical performance by DJ and singer Anthony Alfred.

The free show, held outside of his boutique at 67 Second St., will be just the second held at FAB since it opened four years ago, with the first being held in its inaugural year. It will feature seating under a tent, on a first come, first serve basis. After the event, the shop will be open. showFor attendees to purchase pieces.

While he had initially planned to showcase a fall collection that includes an expanded range of men’s clothing, Richardson said he decided to hold these pieces until the next showHe refines the designs as he goes. FAB 4 will include bags from New Jersey-based bag manufacturer, in addition to his own pieces. designerDoriet Chichester was created specifically for the show.

As he takes extra time to develop the men’s portion of his collection, Richardson will use FAB 4 as an opportunity to celebrate women.

“We’re going to feature more of the women’s clothing in this collection,”Richardson said. “It’s not only stylistic. It’s also social commentary and the politics.”

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The collection, which has been modeled by six Pioneer Valley-based artists, will be on display in the second half of the exhibition show. Richardson will present an overview of the event beforehand “Equal Rights and Justice”Exhibition centered around Peter Tosh (founding member of Jamaican Reggae Band). “The Wailers,”His music. Richardson said this portion would be centered around the Women’s Movement, the Indigenous experience, and the Black American experience, but wants to keep further specifics a surprise. He spoke of a new, never-before-seen aspect to the film. fashion designs.

“It has not been done in fashion,”Richardson spoke out about his secret plans. “If I give it away now, somebody could use it and mine would not have an impact.”

What he made clear, however, is that FAB 4 will be unique from anything he’s done in the past.

“One of the things you’ll learn about me is that I very, very seldom repeat,”Richardson said. “What’s consistent is that this show is designed to appeal to everyone from 16 to 106.”

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