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The New Technologies Fashion Schools Are Teaching Students

The New Technologies Fashion Schools Are Teaching Students
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As the fashionAs the industry moves into a digital future and schools train its next generation of workers, they are eager to catch up.

Emerging technologies are everywhere fashionSometimes, curriculums have been inconsistent and scattered. Although some schools are taking on the challenge, others have not.

Only five of the eight top-ranked countries were found in a recent survey. fashion3D was used in schools design — perhaps the most common new skill students are learning — as part of their core curriculum as of October 2021, according to Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, who worked with IFA Paris to create its MBA in fashiontech and is the founder at Beyond Form, a venture firm specializing in technology. fashionand technology that partners with startups to help them launch their businesses. One of Tsang’s students conducted the research.

There are many reasons why the latest technologies are not being adopted quickly. Some schools may be conservative and slow to adapt to new ways of working. Equipment upgrades can be costly. It can take a long time to update a curriculum, and it can be risky if the technology is rapidly obsolete.

However, there may be a shift.

Parsons in New York began teaching 3D-Learning.designClo3D is now available to all students who have completed the 2019 and 2020 trial programs. The Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) in Paris said advanced training in Clo3D is now part of its curriculum for all designStudents can also learn pattern-making. It also offers a six month programme. “virtualizing”The value chain, starting with material design through marketing, and a master’s degree in fashionManagement courses that cover data science and analysis.

IFA Paris offers traditional skills training, such as pattern cutting by hand. First-year students also learn to code at IFA Paris. designDigital clothing using tools like DC Suite Going into their second year, they cover prototyping — “so 3D printing, laser cutting, body scanning,”Tsang said. Tsang said that the MBA program offers students the chance to learn programming and artificial Intelligence.

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“Things are changing — they’re changing quite rapidly,”Matthew Drinkwater, Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA), London College of Fashion. “You can see across the scope many schools now beginning to offer courses specifically in digital fashion.”

These graduates are entering the job market after completing these programs. fashionCompanies are increasingly looking for data analysis skills and proficiency in 3D tools. They often turn to other industries to fill those gaps. Levi’s, for one, recently formed its own AI bootcamp as a way to create an internal talent pool after first hiring data scientists from fields like tech and finance. Students might also find their way into outside industries like gaming or start new businesses. fashionIt is important. The point isn’t just to ready them for roles in fashionThey also have to be able to carry the items. fashion forward.

New Opportunities

The fashion industry’s ongoing digital transformation has many companies steadily, if still sometimes slowly, looking to technology for a competitive edge. On the business side of operations, more brands and retailers are seeking employees comfortable working with the troves of data they’re collecting online to inform decisions on everything from marketing to product development. 3D printing is a case in point. designBig labels like Adidas and Tommy HilfigerIt is already being used extensively in businesses. As more companies adopt it, the more demand for these skills will increase.

“There are a lot of job opportunities for [students] in that space,”Amy Sperber is an assistant professor of fashion design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). “There’s product development with the tool. It’s a great tool for sampling. It’s a great tool for the production line. We’re also getting requests for students to work with people that are utilising the 3D outputs in totally different ways.”

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She noted that brands are also using 3D assets in e-commerce and social media. There are still other uses, such as virtual fashion.

Ravensbourne University London launched a course in digital technology in 2021. fashion. Students who are eligible to enroll learn skills like modeling virtual avatars and virtual garments. designHow to create immersive virtual reality environments

“I knew that there would soon be a merging of worlds between gaming and fashion design and I pushed Ravensbourne to embrace this opportunity,” said Lee Lapthorne, programme director of the school’s department of fashion.

As more brands tap into the lucrative gaming market, his prediction is proving accurate.

Alexander Knight, who studied fashion designRavensbourne, and quickly switched to digital learning designDressX, a virtual-shop that sells virtual clothes, was able to stop in-person activities during the pandemic.fashion startup. He freelances for another company to digitize real-world designs. His experience since graduating in 2020 shows that companies are just beginning to look for 3D skills when hiring. However, he says the demand is increasing for digital capabilities.

“It’s where everything in life is headed,”He said. “Courses need to start teaching it in order to give their students skills that are going to be useful for the future of fashion.”


Even if fashionSchools want to incorporate new skills in their course of study. This can be slow-going.

“It’s a two-year process for our curriculum development,”Sperber.

3D is available at FIT designis still taught as an elective and not as a core skill. Sperber stated that the pandemic caused it to become an elective skill. “very obvious” FIT couldn’t delay any longer in teaching students 3D, but because it’s a state school and receives public funding, its curriculum has to go through a rigorous review process. Costs are another obstacle. After introducing 3D, costs can be a problem. design, FIT quickly realised it didn’t have the right graphics cards in its computer labs.

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“It requires purchases of hardware, software,”Sperber said. “We’re not talking one machine. We’re talking thousands of machines.”

And there’s no guarantee every cutting-edge tool will become the standard. Students inspired by the metaverse boom to focus their studies on designing for virtual reality could find themselves at a disadvantage if the hype doesn’t pan out.

Running courses as electives “enables us to be very agile in how we respond to emerging technologies,”Drinkwater

FIA works as a creative consulting firm in partnership with the fashionand tech industries. It then uses technology to run digital learning labs at London College of Fashion.

It has offered courses in artificial intelligence. Students learn to code Python and have access tools such as a photogrammetry system, which uses dozens cameras to produce complex 3D renderings of objects or models. The 3D assets can be used in virtual experiences created with game-creation engines like Unity or Unreal by students. This is what Balenciaga used for its Afterworld game and Fortnite collaboration.

These skills may not be necessary for everyone. fashionretailer or brand. But Soojin Kang is the interim co-director fashion MFA programme at Parsons, said teaching students new technologies is also important to prepare them for what’s on the horizon. She mentioned the metaverse and NFTs as well as the continuing growth of different digital assets. And these aren’t the only reasons she believes it’s important to give students the best technological tools.

“It’s not just about the industry,”She said. “Once you found a better way, why do you want to go backward?”

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