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The Fiji Times » Emerging designer – Brand launch an opportunity to showcase creativity

The Fiji Times » Emerging designer – Brand launch an opportunity to showcase creativity
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Entrepreneur and fashion designerFlorence Fineanganofo, a creative artist designer for her brand wear Ta’ahine and has been designing clothes for about seven years.

Originating originally from Tonga, the emerging nation is now from Solomon Islands. fashion designerShe lives in Suva with her husband and two children.

“I started my clothing design journey in 2015 creating custom made pieces for my customers,”She spoke.

Ms Fineanganofo was an emerging member of the Fiji Fashion Week in 2019. designer and later established her brand Ta’ahine Clothing in 2021.

“Ta’ahine is a Tongan word meaning women. The name was given to me by my friend. design specifically women’s clothing and wanted a name that resonates that, at the same time it represents where I’m from.

“I created Ta’ahine in May 2021. It is an online clothing business. My clothing is for young independent women who love to have fun, going on adventures, confident and very free spirited.”

She believes in creating simple pieces for her customers. Ms Fineanganofo designed her inaugural showThis year, on April 23, at the Pearl South Pacific Resort at Pacific Harbour.

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“The Ta’ahine brand launch event is an opportunity I created to showcase my talent and creativity in the fashion industry and grow my business.”

She also wanted to launch her designs, and give her clients the chance to see them in person.

She stated that the launch would also provide a platform for local artists, photographers, and young models to showcase their talents.

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Ta’ahine Fiji will be conducting a model casting tomorrow at the ANZ Stadium Concourse from 10am to 12pm.

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