Weekly, the FFXIV Community will help you with the Fashion Report

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If you are just starting your journey, I’m sure you are. Final Fantasy XIV the Manderville Gold Saucer can be confusing. You can earn MGP by playing minigames at this casino, which you can then use to purchase exclusive cosmetics. The weekly Fashion Report is one of the best ways to rack up MGP, but it’s also the one that requires the most extra effort and research.

Luckily, members of the FFXIV community are willing to do that research so you don’t have to. Each Fashion Report asks players create a look that matches the theme. The themes will be given out Tuesdays at 11:01 PDT/ 4am Eastern Time / 9am British Standard Time. Players can submit their outfits for evaluation starting Fridays at 11:01 PDT/ 4am Eastern Time / 9am British Standard time. For a good judgment, you can attempt four times.

Most players hit the FFXIV subreddit To exchange ideas about the most effective outfits and users kaiyoko The results are combined into an image of the best gear to choose for Friday’s judgement. There’ll typically be a simple outfit that earns you the 80 points necessary to get the basic MGP reward, and a more challenging set of gear to acquire for the full 100 points.

ffxiv fashion report ffxiv

The chart also shows you where the most simple locations to get the items for each outfit are, whether it be a market board, a vendor or a dungeon. You can see this week’s example below.

Fashion Report – Full Details – For Week of 8/13/2021 (Week 185)From ffxiv

The::: Endwalker release date is coming up in November so both you, dear reader, and I have just a few months left to finally start understanding the remainder of FFXIV’s myriad mechanics.

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