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The best Valentine’s Day flowers and arrangements to send in 2022

The best Valentine's Day flowers and arrangements to send in 2022
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Flowers are one of the most desired gifts for Valentine’s Day: According to a recent survey from RetailMeNot 31% of Americans want flowers from their partner. Flowers can be purchased for anyone in your life. You may also consider dried flowers or plants as unique gifts.

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While the rose may be the flower most typically associated with Valentine’s Day, delivery services offer a variety of botanicals around the holiday, from heart-shaped bamboo to bouquets of daisies. You can seek out a specific flower for a loved one if they have a favorite type or shop for a plant based on their lifestyle — for example, if you know someone who has pets, you can find specific pet-safe blooms on some sites, or if someone is looking to expand their collection of indoor plants, you can buy them a potted succulent.

To help guide your shopping, we rounded up a handful of flower and plant options for Valentine’s Day across styles, sizes and price ranges.

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Best Valentine’s Day flowers and plants

We have compiled a list of different flower and plant varieties that are available in different sizes and price ranges. Before you make a purchase, be sure to double-check the order cutoff for delivery by Valentine’s Day — some sites have a blanket cutoff date for all orders, while others may vary by zip code.

Valentine’s Day flowers

In addition to bouquets available year-round, many flower delivery services offer new or limited-edition bouquets during Valentine’s Day, some of which we included below. For an additional fee, you can purchase flower bundles with or sans vases. You can also add cards and other items such as chocolate, stuffed animals and candles.

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H.Bloom 1 Dozen Red Rose Bundle

If you’re looking for a classic Valentine’s Day bouquet, H.Bloom sells a bundle of a dozen red roses. They come wrapped in cellophane and kraft paper.

Send Fresh Sends

Fresh Sends offers flower bouquets in two sizes — the Regular send option includes 15 to 18 stems and the Full send option comes with 24 to 27 stems. The brand changes the exact flowers in bouquets daily so it’s always a surprise when they arrive at your loved ones. Each bouquet is wrapped in paper.

UrbanStems the Bella

The Bella UrbanStemsIncludes oriental lilies in pink hues and roselilies. You can choose to send flowers with or without vase, and you can buy a single or whole bouquet. If you’d like to include a vase, UrbanStems offers several different styles for an added fee.

The Bouqs Co. Cupcake

The Bouqs Company Cupcake arrangement features flowers in pastels such as peach, white and pink. The flowers can be purchased with or without a vase. The arrangement comes in three sizes: Original (16 stems), Deluxe 32 stems, and Grand (48 stems).

Farmgirl Flowers Daisy Little Thing Called Love

Farmgirl Flowers’ Daisy Little Thing Called Love bouquet is designed with fifteen gerbera daisies and greens like eucalyptus. It is tied together and wrapped with burlap

Venus et Fleur Petit Heart Eternity Roses

Venus et Fleur’s Eternity Flowers are real roses that have been treated to extend their lifespan — the brand says the roses can last for a year or longer if Properly taken care of. You can buy boxes of roses in many sizes, colors and shapes. They also come in many different colors like red, yellow, or deep blue.

Valentine’s Day indoor plants

Indoor plants can be a wonderful gift that loved ones can enjoy long after the holidays, provided they are well cared for. Accessories such as pots and misters are also sold by some brands. message pops There are many things you can do with plants.

FTD My Heart Succulent Garden

If you’re looking to add to your loved one’s collection of indoor plants — or want to gift them low-maintenance greenery — FTD offers a wood heart-shaped pot filled with succulents for Valentine’s Day. You will find six succulents included in the planter.

1-800-Flowers Sweet Heart Bamboo

You can purchase a single, double or triple heart bamboo plant from 1-800-Flowers this Valentine’s Day. The bamboo comes in a decorative stone-adorned glass planter. You can buy the plant as is or add chocolates and a pet animal for an additional cost. Sweet Heart Magnetic Air Plants

Each magnetic heart in this set has an inonantha flower plant inside. You will find four mini planters in this set. They come in solid colors or with black and white stripes.

Bloomscape Tradescantia Nanouk

The Tradescantia Nanouk is one of Bloomscape’s new offerings for Valentine’s Day this year. The plant comes in a variety of colors, including green, purple, pink, and white leaves. It can be paired with a hanging planter, or propagated. The Tradescantia Nanouk comes with a saucer. This saucer is available in Stone or Charcoal, Slate, Indigo, and Charcoal colors.

The Sill Hoya heart duo

According to The SillA type of succulent, the Hoya kerrii (or the Hoya Heart Plant) is known for its green heart-shaped leaves. You can purchase a single Hoya Heart PlantOr a Set of twoYou can choose from an Upcycled or Hyde option.

Lively Root Lemon Button Fern

According to Lively Root, this fern releases a lemon scent when its leaves are crushed or brushed. The plant can grow to about 1 foot in height and has textured foliage. The plant can be purchased in a grower container that your loved ones can use to place in a pot they already have or in a ceramic or eco-pot.

Preserved Valentine’s Day flowers

If you’re looking for something that will last longer than a bouquet of fresh blooms and requires little to no maintenance, preserved flowers are a great alternative. Here are a few options you can ship to loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

Idlewild Cotton Candy Hydrangea Bouquet

Idlewild’s Cotton Candy Hydrangea Bouquet features three preserved flowers wrapped in pink paper and a bow. The brand claims that each flower head is approximately 4 to 5 in. wide and has an 18 inch-long stem. The bouquet can come with or without a ceramic white vase.

Shida Preserved Flower Suki Bouquet

This bouquet features a variety dried flowers such as pink ruscus and pink protea, palm spears, pink ruscus and pink bunnytails. Shida claims that dried flowers can keep fresh for up to one year. The bouquet is hand-packed and wrapped in paper.

Terrain Dried Perennial Garden Bouquet

Terrain’s Dried Perennial Garden Bouquet includes dried blooms like Sweet Annie, orange safflower, lemon mint and more. TerrainAccording to the florist, the bouquet can last for two years if it is properly maintained indoors and taken care of for one season.

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