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The Best Spring 2022 Nail Polish Color Trends Are A Dream To Wear

The Best Spring 2022 Nail Polish Color Trends Are A Dream To Wear
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Even though snow is still falling, spring will arrive before you know. Bright colors and pastel hues are popular almost every season once winter is over. Celebrity manicurists are predicting a variety of styles for spring: glitters, special top coats and bold colors in creamy, bold shades to create eye-catching manicures.

“The trend for spring is captivating shades that literally shimmer with optimism and possibility,”Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder of OPI agrees: “This spring, colorful French manicures continue to be a huge trend, especially pairing similar shades for a more monochromatic springtime look.”Some other non-traditional nail colors that may emerge include brown hues such as chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, and even chocolate.

It can be difficult to know which brand or color to use for your at-home manicures or pedicures. TZR interviewed celebrities and cult-favorite nail brands to help you choose the right nail color and trend for spring 2022.

Of course, if you prefer to hang onto the dark, moody shades of winter, you’ll find grays and deep blues here as well. No matter if you prefer an intricate mani with intricate art or a simple manicure with just one polish, there are many nail color trends that will suit your taste. These are the eight most popular spring nail trends you should keep in your rotation throughout the season. You can also recreate these looks at your home with a wide range of products.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. We may be compensated if you buy a product from a link in the article.


Rita Remark, global lead educator at Rita Remark, says Periwinkle will be a must try nail polish shade in 2022. Essie. Pros will gravitate to bolder and more muted periwinkles as they represent confidence, calmness and energy, according to Lippmann. Lippmann also sees periwinkle a big trend this spring and recommends it. The Woman In The MoonYou can have a semi-sheer moment of periwinkle. For a more shimmery periwinkle, choose for You Had Me at Halo.

Vibrant Neons

Bright, vivid neons can instantly lift your mood. Bright neons such as green, pink, yellow and blue look great with spring skirts, shorts, and trousers. Lippmann recommends that you apply these neon colors while your hands are still healing from the dry winter. Rich Girl Hand cream often. “Formulated with shea butter and avocado oil, it will help restore moisture, even skin tone, and give an added layer of sun protection to hands,”According to the expert.

Royal Blues

“Blue is an interesting shade in that it is attention grabbing, yet it’s also one of the most naturally occurring colors on Earth,”Brittney Boyce shares, celebrity nail artist and founder Nails of LA. The vibrant blue hues are great for both dark and light skin tones. Her pick: It’s Brittney, BeachThis is a great product for your toes and fingernails.

Sunset Red

All experts predict that bright, big reds will make a big comeback in spring 2022. And it’s not the typical rosy red that will turn heads, but instead an orange-red with an oval-shaped nail, another huge nail trend that you will see all 2022 long. Reds this spring embrace the sunshine and positive energy that comes with warmer weather.

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Baby Soft Pastels

Remark refers to soft pastels as a white shade containing three drops of your favorite colour. “It’s soft and perfectly paired with a bright spring wardrobe.”The expert recommends Stretch Your WingsYou can achieve the look at your home. And as for maintenance, don’t forget about cuticle oil, like Apricot Cuticle OilTo keep your skin moisturised and crack-free.

“The pastel shades we love in spring look their best (and apply easiest!) when applied to healthy, smooth nails,”Olivia Van Iderstine Vice President Content and Creative Olive & JuneTells TZR. “Be sure to keep up with weekly manis to ensure your nails are healthy and well-cared for.”The expert suggests that clients apply a nail strengthening product and use it. ridge fillerFor a smooth canvas and to reapply Top coat throughout the week to keep it shiny.”

Creamy Browns

Brown nail polish is a great choice for any season. But this spring, look out for deep, rich espresso shades. 2am in Sydneyto take its rightful position. Boyce recommends applying ORLY BonderAs a base coat for durable wear. “It’s like a double-sided tape that grips to your nails on one side and to polish on the other,”She shares.

Green Envy

“Bright emerald green was a huge trend in fashion, design, and nails last year and it’s carrying over into 2022,”Remark: TZR. It also fits perfectly into the spring season. Remark: It is recommended to look for grassier or more khaki shades. Willow In The WindFor emerald. The artist recommends that you reapply a topcoat every two days to keep your nails from chipping. It should be thin in consistency to prevent the polish from becoming too thick.

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Sandy Neutrals

Boyce hopes to see neutral and skin-tone shades look different than the usual coral and pink shades this time of the year. “Instead, there will be a great focus on neutrals with more sand and khaki undertones, reminiscent of early beach weather.”Are you ready to give it a try at home? The experts recommend SandstormAnd Starstruck.

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