Home Fashion Show The 7 Best Winter 2022 Nail Color Trends Are Seriously Dreamy

The 7 Best Winter 2022 Nail Color Trends Are Seriously Dreamy

The 7 Best Winter 2022 Nail Color Trends Are Seriously Dreamy
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Though some parts of the country have already seen snow (*shivers*), winter doesn’t officially kick off until Dec. 21. And as you’re slowly starting to switch up your skin care routine over the next few weeks in preparation for the upcoming season (read: pull out the heavy-duty moisturizers), don’t forget about your nail products. Translation: For the winter 2022 nail colors, you can trade in your fall burnt orange for a minimalist wintery white or pretty lilac.

“Trends this year for winter polish colors seem to be a little more all over the place than previous years, [but] there’s a lot more texture, embellishments, and overall ‘all-out’ feel going on,” Alicia TorelloTZR is told by a New York-based editor nail artist. It turns out that winter nail trends align with current makeup trends, including embellishments (think: crystals and pearls). Not to worry, though — the expert ensures that there will still be more pared-back winter classics, such as grays, neutrals, and reds. “But there’s definitely more of a mixed feeling,” Torello adds.

Below, TZR tapped industry-favorite nails artists to give their opinion on the winter 2022 nail colors. We also combed social media to see which top content creators are currently loving the color trends. Keep scrolling for the top seven nail colors that will be most popular in the coming months.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report’s editorial team. We may be compensated if you buy a product from a link in the article.

Pearly White

According to Mimi DSnow Day in LA by OPI is the pearly white polish from celebrity manicurist and nail technician, Snow Day In LA by OPI will elevate your go-to winter white. “It’s a full coverage white shade that’s sure to elevate your holiday French manicure,”She tells TZR. “It’s available in both regular and gel polish.”Pro tip: For extra sparkle, add pearls.

Candy Apple Red

Another color trend Mimi D anticipates will be everywhere in winter 2022 is candy apple red polish, like A Night to Shine by Red Carpet Manicure or Pear Nova’s Truth Oar Dare. “With all the holiday-inspired red manicures, this shade is great as a stand-alone manicure or if you’re into nail art, creating a candy pattern is perfect with this shade,”She says. This is one of the best combinations for holiday makeup looks.

Baby Blue

One of the best things about blue is there’s no “right”The best time to wear the color is in the fall. A darker shade can be worn with any outfit, but a soft baby color will bring out the winter mood. You can give the polish a holiday look by adding a little clear glitter polish.

Mossy Green

Are you a fan of green nails? If so, you’re in luck: Mossy green is the next “it”Color to test drive “It gives a muted green vibe that goes well with all skin tones,” Elle GersteinTZR speaks with Gigi Hadid, a celebrity nail technician who has worked with Katie Holmes and Katie Holmes. Examples of this particular hue are Orly’s Wild Willow and Static Nails’ Liquid Glass Lacquer Sage.

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Gunmetal Metallic

Mimi D, a popular color for spotting, is “You Attract Me”Nails.Inc. “It’s a gunmetal blue polish that’s perfect on its own or magnetized,”She tells TZR. There’s also OPI’s Turn Bright After Sunset, which is the perfect dark glitter polish to sport at any upcoming holiday party.

Pinky Lilac

You probably pull out your lilac polishes every spring like clockwork — but this year, consider doing so a few months early. According to Instagram, the pretty pastel nail polish trend isn’t going anywhere this winter.


Gerstein says ivory, bone, and porcelain are all colors you’ll see a lot of this upcoming season. “Nails for winter are a classic shade of cream and are paired will with garden hues and latte accents,”She notes. For these shades, she suggests OPI’s Dusk to Dune and Nailtopia Creme de La Creme.

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