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The 10 best Microsoft games pre-installed on Windows ever

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In all the years we have had WindowsMicrosoft has always tried to make our lives easier by installing a game on our computers. However, this is not always the case.

Some of them have been timeless classics that have never gone out-of-fashion over the years. But there have been others that have fallen into oblivion, since either they weren’t right with the gameplay or they weren’t really worth it.

We will now be discussing those that have been the most significant of all the Windows versions we have used so far.

Minesweeper (1990) (Windows 3.1, NT, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista,7)

This is one of the oldest games to have been included in Windows. One of the most lovedEven today.

Part of its success comes from the fact that it was released at a time when there weren’t many game options on the market and since it was pre-installed on Windows, everyone had it very close at hand.

The object of the game? Clear a minefield Correctly marking where each one was.

Minesweeper Premiered with Windows 3.1 in 1992It is part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. It received a graphics upgrade in Windows Vista, but as of Windows 8 it’s gone from the operating system.

Solitaire (1990) (Windows 3.0, 3.1, NT, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

If a particular game is not taken into consideration, Windows classicThat is the Solitaire, responsible in large part for the lost work time during his years of active involvement in the Microsoft operating systems.

It’s a very simple game, and you only need to play it. Put the cards in order. It seems simpler said than done.

The original version Windows 3.0 released the following:Windows 95 and 2000 were both subject to remodeling, while the most significant redesign was in Windows Vista.

Windows 8 made this solitaire a free game. However, you no longer had to download it.

Pinball 3D (1995), Windows NT, 2000 and Me, XP

This is a game that I have enjoyed a lot and that I am nostalgic about.

First appearance Windows 95 Plus Pack includes an additional bonusBeing installed in a normal manner from Windows NT 4.0. It became operational until Windows XP.

The operation of this game is simple.Imitate a pinball table from the past. His graphics were excellent for the time. But, what was most impressive were his sounds. It seemed like we were dealing directly with a real machine.

Mahjong Titans (2007) (Windows Vista, 7)

This is a simple one-person game that you can play. Match pairs of 144 tiles which are stacked in different ways. It is won when all pairs of identical tiles have been eliminated and there is nothing left.

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It was a great game. It was very well done graphically and had well-crafted sound effects that allowed us to play for quite a while without realizing.

If you have one,Windows 7 computer You can continue to enjoy this game.

Hover! (1995) (Windows 95)

It was a futuristic first-person sports game that was included in Windows 95 as a hidden part, since it didn’t install directly into the operating system, but you had to find the disk to install it manually.

The3D images Who had this game? Very new for 1995It is now a cult favorite.

There were two teams, and our goal was to collect all the flags of our team’s color before the opposing team did.

Tinker (2006) (Windows Vista).

In this game You are a robot who must travel through a series mazes.s, avoiding and overcoming different obstacles along the journey.

One of the best parts about this game is that 60 levelsNeben slick graphics, and, above all else, a soundtrack that fits like a glove,

All the puzzles were becoming more difficult, and one of the most popular features was the ability to create your own levels.

It was not included in the final version. Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

Purble Place (2007) (Windows Vista & Windows 7)

This was the first time that Microsoft integrated a game directly into an operating-system that was This website is dedicated to young children only.

It was created to assist Purble characters in completing specific tasks by solving a series if puzzles.

Present From Windows Vista through Microsoft’s Windows 8It was removed from certain areas.

Inkball (2004), Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (Windows Vista)

This puzzle game appeared very simple, but it was complex. We first saw Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

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What was needed? Guide one or more colored balls through a mazeUntil the exit, but things got complicated as we had many obstacles and enemies.

Many started playing thinking that it was going to be a very easy game, given that its graphics weren’t exactly spectacular, only to later find it quite difficult to achieve the objective.

Reversi (1985), (Windows 1, 2, and 3.0).

Reversi was included in this list. Microsoft’s first game to be integrated into the Windows operating-system was. It was present in versions 1, 2, and 3.0.

It’s like a board game where Two players must place pieces on a grid in turn.To achieve the ultimate goal of having As many colors as possible When the board is full.

It’s a simple game but addictive. It was the precursor to the well-known Minesweeper.

Chess Titans (2006) (Windows Vista 7)

Microsoft has integrated this basic chess feature into Windows Vista and Windows 7.Oberon Games created this three-dimensional game.

One of the best things about this game was the ability to choose different board styles, play with another person, or do it directly on the computer. This allows you to select the level of difficulty.

These are the games we consider the most memorable and nostalgic, regardless of how many Windows versions have been installed.

We love to hear from you on social media if we missed any.

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