Taiwan Fashion Design Award on concepts of ‘Sustainability and Design Creativity’ | Print Edition

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Taiwan Fashion Design Award on concepts of ‘Sustainability and Design Creativity’ | Print Edition

By Sanath Weerasuriya

Ruwanthi Gjadeera wins the First Prize in 2021


Sri Lankan Fashion designerRuwanthi Pavithra Gjadeera was the winner of this year’s competition ‘Taiwan Fashion Design Award 2021’(TFDA) was successfully concluded at Taipei Fashion Week, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei on October 6th. Ruwanthi Gajadeera, a Sri Lankan designer, was selected from nearly 450 applicants from 18 countries and regions, including America and Asia. She was awarded the first prize for her creation based on the theme. ‘kaeli–A Sustainable Collection’
(lE,s ¡;sridr tl;=jla) and bagged the grand prize worth US$10,000.

Ruwanthi Gajadeera, a highly enthusiastic fashion designerHe studied at Ladies College and Academy Of Design in Colombo. He is passionate about Sri Lankan heritage crafts, such as Handloom, Beeralu (Bobbin Lace), Natural Dyes, and creating sustainable textiles. Ruwanthi is also one of the first South Asians to receive the Taiwan Fashion Design Awards’ grand prize.

The Taiwan Fashion Design Award 2021 was founded in 1987 as a local contest. It is the 35th edition of the TFDA. Hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan and organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation, it’s the first official fashionCompetition in Asia. It was opened as an international competition for the first time in 2013 (27th), and it is currently the 9th competition in series.

The contest, which was held in conjunction with Taipei Fashion Week this year, has received a tremendous response from emerging designers around the world. This makes the contest more competitive and international. The Taiwanese government has provided students with scholarships for 35 years. designSchools and emerging designers have a platform to showcase their creativity.

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Taiwan’s strict anti-epidemic measures eventually enabled 2021 TFDA to be held as scheduled. The event preparations are more difficult than ever before. It would be difficult for viewers to attend the ceremony in person, due to the inability of foreign finalists travel to Taiwan. In addition to the physical inconvenience, fashion showThe ceremony was broadcast live online via synchronous execution. The international jury from the UK, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan also connected with each other online in a real-time manner, and the online scoring system also allowed the smooth selection and decision-making by the jury for the finals. The jury was made up of internationally renowned experts in the field. fashionfields, which included NaoTakekoshi, an international boutique designer; Stephane Dou (Taiwan) fashion designer; Christina Dean, the founder of Redress; Valéria Bessolo Llopiz, ELLE International Director; Jane Singer, Managing Director of Inside Fashion; Tomonori Matsui, CEO of the Japanese fashion integration marketing company ONE O Ltd.; and Charlotte Chiang, Director of TTF’s Textiles and Fashion Design Department.

The jury agreed that each work had its own unique creativity. designNoting, thinking about that “Whether it is fashionable, elegant, or street fashion, the designers were able to consider the concepts of environmental-friendliness and sustainability from the very beginning of the process of designing, such as using clearance tabs to demonstrate the design creativity. As for the production processes, the all-in-one approach was adopted to reduce waste during the weaving, and for the clothing, the mix and match outfit in a multi-way manner was deeply and thoroughly explored, which presented the profound thinking from human relations to caring for the environment that reflected the spirit of sustainability at all stages of production of clothing.”

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Two Second Prizes  and three third places were awarded at the contest.

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