Stylish Manchester siblings design a gender neutral fashion range – and say they want to ‘disrupt a generation’

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A brother andSister team from ManchesterThey have come together toContribute to ‘inclusivity and equality’ and sustainability’ toThe fashionThe world with a gender neutral fashion rangeThe lockdown inspired me.

Kate Friar, 27, who lives and works in Ancoats andChris Friar, her brother, lives in Salford. a rangeClothing that can be worn in either of these two ways genderYou can wear – andNo product is marked up in pricing because of who is wearing it.

Kate says: “As a brand, we want to disrupt a generation that fixates on what you should wear and what path you should take.”

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Their brand, ‘Kontroversial,’ is a rangeStreet wear that is stylish siblingsDesigned during the lockdown and theySome of the most iconic photos have been taken by you ManchesterStreet art and the lockdown are their inspirations.

Kate says: “Covid has definitely changed the way in which people now shop and think about their clothing choices.

“All of our designs have references toLockdown of aspects of your personal life andSociety is built on faith toThe chaos of lockdown toRelationships

“What I didn’t realise when initially designing was that things I had heard on the news, seen happen, or my own feelings during lockdown had subconsciously come out once I started to draw.”

Siblings Kate andChris Friar
(Image: submitted)

Kate, originally from Frodsham, claims her love of creativity began at an early age. andShe continued her education.

She says: “I have always been creative from a young age, with my mum only being able to settle me when I was painting, drawing or making things.

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“I studied fine art and graphic design in school. design andTextiles, I then went onto toContinue on this path by reading print design, specialising in fashionLoughborough University.

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Kate has been working in retail since her graduation. aVisual merchandiser but says designHer priority has always been to serve her best.

Kate says her vision of the future is of aIn a society where clothing is scarce, there are less opportunities for success genderSpecific andPeople are not socialized into wearing what theyThink theyShould.

She says: “I had a vision that sees the distinction in society for who wears what become blurred, so everyone can wear and be who they want.

“Kontroversial approaches everything differently.

“Our garments were designed for the streets.

Kate Friar was inspired by ManchesterStreet art
(Image by Kenny Clayton Photography

“It is a collaboration of hip-hop, 90s fashion and street art which is inspired by living differently and wearing pieces that require no justification.

“No one should ever try to define anyone on who. theyWho are you? theyshould be, or what society tells it. toWear.

“Our community says ‘wear what you like, however you like it’ and with that, you wear your confidence.

“For us, to show a male andThe inspiration comes from the females wearing completely different clothes. toThink outside the box genderThese are the norms andIt is associated with stereotypes.

“Our goal is to challenge the issues connected with identity and stereotypes, empowering all ages, genre and size.

“We live in aWorld of rules, judgments and expectations. Who made the rules?”

Kate and Chris say sustainability is and should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and they only offer limited runs of all their products. They say their sizes are inclusive, they use varying methods for design and their packaging is made from recycled materials using no plastic within the postage methods at all.

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Kate says: “It’s amazing to see how our world is constantly affected by us humans. aIt is important to keep your heart healthy on a daily basis-breaking, that’s why we do things differently.

Kate Friar wants to challenge stereotypes
(Image by Kenny Clayton Photography).

“Our dyed acid method is the most sustainable method, while also being the boldest of our products and most popular.

“This technique uses colour toWater is not wasted when you add colour.

“I would love to see fast fashion decrease and people have more care and thought into what they’re buying – quality over quantity.

“Slow fashion, sustainability and protecting our environment andOur world should be aAny organization should have a core focus. fashionBrand.

“I’d like British based brands to keep things fully British, we don’t need to be importing from the likes of India and increasing our carbon footprint.

“Slow fashionIt is crucial for our environment. aSlower andSustainable approach.

“In my eyes, everyone should consider this when they go shopping, and be more conscious and aware of where they are spending their money.

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“We need toWe are proud of what we have andNow, andDon’t let it go so quickly.”

Kate says she has always loved Manchester and likes how proud the city is of its own doing well in the world.

She says: “That is what I believe. ManchesterIt is the friendliest and best city andIt loves toThey will be back to you.

“Everyone is true to their roots, and in turn it is helping Manchester grow even more.

“So I can’t wait toBecome aPart of it more.”

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Kate also hopes to help with equality by pricing items the same regardless of whether they are male or female as opposed to pricing female clothing higher, which she says is a trait in fashion retail.

She says: “Despite the fact women make up the majority of consumers andDesigners of fashionIt is still men at the top who manage it all.

“The way I see it is that women come into fashion/retail at entry level and work their way up, where as men get involved with other projects or work, make a lot of money and then enter fashion already on a pedestal.

“This is the back. toThe inequality of pay is still very high aIndustries face a real problem

“This is why we, as a brand, are trying to blur that line of the gender stereotype with our clothing, therefore everything will always be the same price for everyone, no matter the product.

“If I can design andMake clothing that inspires toBe unapologetically truthful andI would be more content in my own skin if I had achieved the goals I set. toDo.”

You can watch the video of the team here

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