Student thoughts on back-to-school fashion – The Crow’s Nest at USF St. Petersburg

Student thoughts on back-to-school fashion – The Crow's Nest at USF St. Petersburg


Pictured above: Op-Ed and Features Editor Molly Ryan is a sophomore history major. Her favorite style of clothing are vintage and thrifted.

Annalise Anderson | The Crow’s Nest

As in-person classes return, there is no more hiding behind a screen.

For some, it means having to simply look presentable – for others, it’s inspiration to experiment and show off what’s been collecting dust in the closet.

After over a year of online classes, many students take the return to campus as an opportunity to up their fashion style game.

Midas Hilaire is a junior transfer student studying graphic design. You can see more of Hilaire’s fashion on Instagram @MidasTheSaint.  Molly Ryan | The Crow’s Nest.

“I would describe myself as someone who is into fashion, as I have always wanted my own fashion brand. Being on campus definitely gives me an opportunity to showcase and experiment with my style. I nearly change my outfit 3 times a day.”– Midas Hilaire

Serena Wasilewski is a first-year graduate student studying psychological studies.  The Crow’s Nest.| The Crow’s Nest.

“My fashion is a reflection of how I feel, so I like to dress up whenever I can! I dress up at school, going out with friends, for social media and I enjoy wearing stylish fitness clothes to the gym.” – Serena Wasilewski

Mia Paoge is a junior geography major.  

“My favorite type of style is when I can tell someone saw an undesirable piece of clothing and thought “I’m gonna make that look so cool.”’ – Mia Poage

Cameron Lemery is a junior studying history.  The Crow’s Nest.| The Crow’s Nest.

“I will say that returning to campus has influenced my clothing choices. Where in years previous I would just wear something comfortable, I now wear things that are comfort and “good-looking.’” – Cameron Lemery

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Emily Carter is senior geography major. Molly Ryan | The Crow’s Nest.

“Returning to campus has made getting dressed more of an event. I’m still getting into the swing of putting outfits together again, feels like I was in pajamas for a year and a half.” – Emily Carter

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