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Student of the Week — High Plains freshman delivers heartwarming gifts on Valentine’s Day | Latest News

Student of the Week -- High Plains freshman delivers heartwarming gifts on Valentine's Day | Latest News
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POLK — In celebration of Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness month, freshman Sammy Ertzner of High Plains Community School was busy passing out appreciation letters and roses to staff members and teachers of High Plains.

Ertzner hopes to inspire others through small acts of kindness she does in the High Plains schools.

She is the daughter Brandy Tyler’s and Daniel Ertzner’s child.

She is a member of the one-act group and enjoys writing and art.

Ertzner’s peers and family members describe Ertzner as optimistic, spunky, kind and protective of those she loves.

Sue Wilgocki is High Plain’s educator. “Sammy is a peacemaker. This young lady is always pleasant, helpful, kind and compassionate. Last week, she made an impact on many of us teachers when she delivered roses for Valentine’s Day. What was even more meaningful was Sammy included a beautifully written note to each teacher telling us how much she appreciates us, the good qualities she sees in us and how we encourage her.”

Ertzner is a person who loves to spend time with family and friends, take care her pets, and paint abstract art.

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Ertzner said: “I come from an artistically talented family. Some of my paintings have been featured at the Gallery Bar in Grand Island.”

Ertzner stated that she is motivated to do good in the global community through her artwork. She hopes to become a psychologist one day.

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“One thing I am most proud of is my ability to connect with people. I’m a very open person and I have a way of listening to and understanding others.”

Ertzner doesn’t think about the future, but she does care about the present. She is a friend and student that others can look up too.

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