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Spirit Halloween Loves Killer Klowns

Spirit Halloween Loves Killer Klowns
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Spirit Halloween loves Killer Klowns From Outer Space, as do I. This is something I have shared previously on this site.

However, what I didn’t talk about, was the merch that I happen to own. The last few years have been a blessing for Killer Klowns fans from Outer Space. There’s “Cavity Colors”This company makes some truly amazing horror wear. I have a sweatshirt, joggers, two tshirts, and a sweatshirt from them. I look forward to getting more!): and have excellent customer service, may I just add. And then, oh, and then, there’s Spirit Halloween, my stomping ground for all of September and October: a place I would most definitely live in, if I could. Oh, how I wish i could have bought every item I saw. But, alas, only a few truly outstanding items were available to me.

Spikey Side-stepper decoration

Even though I don’t have room for a 5-foot animatronic (or any animatronic), this side-The stepper was the next best thing. It’s immediately recognizable, and if you so desire, it’ll do a little shimmy while sound effects emanate from it. Overall, it’s a cute little collectible that Killer Klowns fans will love. But, while I am a fan, I don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses. The overall designExcellent, nothing to complain about. The only thing I have is the hair and face paint. Some paint is streaky while others are more vibrant. One eye is painted in the opposite direction on mine. The rubber used to make the hair and face is not perfectly smoothed. There’s some chunky bits left over.

Did it make me less passionate about it? Absolutely not. It’s adorable, and I do not regret my purchase.

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Killer Klowns cotton candy guns

Oh, yes, you did read that right. Cotton. Candy. Gun. This is the main tool used by these creepy alien bozos. Did I pretend to be using it after unboxing it? Maybe. The piece towards “barrel”The film’s sound effects play as the head spins and lights up. It’s a neat little prop that would go excellently with Spirit’s Killer Klown costumes, or just as a prop to proudly display on, oh, I don’t know, the desk you use to write articles on! This was a very easy to use prop. It’s not an overly complex prop/toy, and the designIt is simple and can do almost anything. It’s colorful, it’s patterned, it looks like it was ripped from the film.

It does not make cotton candy.

Do I wish I could share more with you? Absolutely! I am obsessed with everything about this film. While I enjoy other horror films and franchises as well, Killer Klowns is my absolute favorite! Believe me, I will share any horror collectibles that I find with you, my dear friends, as soon as possible!

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