See the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Shoes Before They Hit the Runway

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show goes beyond the lingerie and wings. There are some amazing heels. For the fourth year running, footwear will be featured. designerThe shoes were created by Brian Atwood and the mega intimates brand. 100 pairs of shoes were created in 18 different styles.

Take a look at the bold and stunning heels that Angels and models will wear down the catwalk. Look out for photos of the NYC taping, which will show the shoes in full runway fashion. You can also catch the full broadcast by tuning in later today. showSunday, December 2, ABC

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A T-strap sandal is one of the styles. It features a multicolored floral pattern and a black ankle strap and heel. Although we may be approaching winter, these heels make us want spring and summer wardrobes to be reorganized.


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“I love that Victoria’s Secret allows you to be free to design and create ‘over the top’ styles for the fashion show,”BAZAAR.com is informed by Atwood “This show is the ultimate fashion show for shoes!”

victorias secret 2018 shoes 02-1541629659

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For a cooler color scheme, there are two versions of the sandal: the blush pink and rosy red.

victorias secret 2018 shoes 03-1541629660

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There’s also this pink and perwinkle colorway for pastel-lovers.

Footwear, High heels, Slingback, Sandal, Shoe, Basic pump, Leg,

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Next up is a line of satin-cage heels in solid fuchsia and neon yellow. These pairs with electric hues are likely to be easy to spot while walking down the runway.

Footwear, High heels, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Sandal, Purple, Shoe, Basic pump, Strap,

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“The VS show has multiple stories [and] themes throughout, and we design into those themes and create what we think will be a ‘wow’ factor,”BAZAAR.com is informed by Atwood

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Footwear, Sandal, Yellow, High heels, Shoe, Strap, Court shoe, Basic pump,

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We wonder what theme these killer heels will represent on the runway.

Footwear, Sandal, High heels, Shoe, Leather, Strap, Basic pump, Court shoe,

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Because no fall outfit is complete without a pair of boots, VS models will be wearing these bright ankle boots on the catwalk.

Footwear, Boot, Shoe, High heels, Fashion accessory,

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The pointed-toe and stiletto pairs are covered in in-your-face florals.

Footwear, Blue, Shoe, Boot, High heels, Leg, Fashion accessory,

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Already, we can see this cage sandal covered in feathers and fur on a fun, carefree bride. Who wouldn’t want that? “I do”These heels are the perfect choice.

Footwear, High heels, Bridal shoe, Shoe, Beige, Slingback, Sandal, Court shoe, Basic pump, Dancing shoe,

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The shoe comes in two styles: a champagne-hued and a pink hued.

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Bridal shoe, Slingback, Beige, Sandal, Court shoe, Basic pump, Dress shoe,

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These black-and white booties are a continuation of VS’s PINK collegiate line. They are covered with logo-printed bands.

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Boot, Basic pump, Font, Leg, Black-and-white, Sandal, Court shoe,

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A lace-up is another style that’s athletically inspired. designLeather lining and a white elastic panel running down the side. Equal parts sporty & witchy.

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Leg, Sandal, Boot, Basic pump, Strap, Leather, Dancing shoe,

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There are also more abstract versions of this ankle boot. These include cutouts and thick ankle straps with metallic floral embroidery reaching all the way to the tip.

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Sandal, Basic pump, Court shoe, Leg, Slingback, Beige, Strap,

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“It usually takes around four to six months from initial concept to final product,”Atwood said that the footwear was his creation. “It all depends on the complexity of the design. Some shoes have over 3,000 crystals on them and over 100 hours of work.”

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Sandal, Basic pump, Court shoe, Material property, Boot, Black-and-white, Strap,

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We can also expect to see this black leather bootie lace-up, with a stiletto heels and tasseled laces wrapping around the ankle.

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Sandal, Basic pump, Boot, Leg, Court shoe, Leather, Dancing shoe,

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The boot got a thigh high upgrade, which gave it an extra-vampy look. These boots can already be seen on the catwalk, paired with matching lace-up and black wings.

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Footwear, High heels, Boot, Knee-high boot, Leg, Shoe, Joint, Knee, Thigh, Human leg,

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This patent leather boot over-the-knee boots for angels is grungy and features a pointed heels, a plaid collar, and two buckles to give it an edgy feel.

Footwear, Boot, Knee-high boot, High heels, Shoe, Riding boot, Rain boot, Thigh, Leg, Knee,

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