Home Fashion Show Russia, Winter Olympics, Fashion Week: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Russia, Winter Olympics, Fashion Week: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Russia, Winter Olympics, Fashion Week: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
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Good evening. Here’s the latest at the end of Wednesday.

1. Western leaders are still searching for evidence that President Vladimir Putin is retreating.

Russia said it was continuing to pull troops back from Ukraine’s borders, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said they had seen no indication of a withdrawal. Stoltenberg claimed that Russia was still capable “of a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine without any warning time.”

2. Rejecting Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege,President Biden directed the release of White House visitor logs. Jan. 6: Committee investigating

The White House counsel stated that in a letter to National Archives, “in light of the urgency” of the committee’s work, the agency should provide the material to the committee within 15 days. Trump lost a court battle to block the release by the committee of other White House documents and records. It’s unclear whether he’ll try again.

The move comes as investigators from the committee attempt to piece together Trump’s actions inside the White House during the attack on the Capitol by his supporters.

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3. Europe is loosening Covid rules. Hospitals in Hong Kong are overcrowded

Germany announced that most of the country’s remaining restrictions — such as vaccination requirements to eat in restaurants — will be lifted by March 20. Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovakia, and parts of Spain also pledged to remove all or most restrictions in the near future.

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AsiaHong Kong is now sinking due to the coronavirus’s worst wave. Patients are left waiting on the streets because of overcrowded hospitals. China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has ordered the Hong Kong government to “take all necessary measures”To stop the spread of the disease.

Flight attendants are the front line of enforcement of Covid travel restrictions. Passengers upset about mask rules have made a dream job a nightmare.

4. “It feels like a big lie.”

Many Afghan allies and their family members who were unable to flee Kabul after the Taliban took control of Kabul have been able to use a program called humanitarian parole to travel to the U.S. Six months after the U.S. withdrawal, many remain stranded. This is either because they were denied entry or because their cases are still pending.

It has processed less than 2000 of the 43,000 humanitarian parole application that immigration services has received from July 2021. As of Friday, 1,500 had been denied while 170 were approved.

Separately, The Congressional Democrats seek to review the treatment of Black migrants in detention and immigration courts. This is in response to concerns about the mass deportations of Haitians seeking asylum in the fall of Haiti.

5. Three members of the Board of Education were defeated by San Francisco voters. In a recall election fuelled by pandemic anger.

The election closes a bitter chapter in the city’s politics, one characterized by accusations of racism and a flurry of lawsuits. Initial results showed more than 70% of voters favored recalling each member.

Parents who were upset that the district opted to rename three-quarters of its schools last school year rather than focusing on reopening them, won the recall. It was also a demonstration of Asian American electoral strength.

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Learn more about education newsA conservative group is behind lawsuits against elite high schools that have altered their admissions policies to diversify student bodies.

6. Jeff Zucker blamed a romance in the officeFor his resignation as president of CNN Worldwide. Other forces, however, set the stage for his demise.

In addition to his failure to disclose a romantic relationship with Allison Gollust (a senior executive), Zucker also faced problems with multiple scandals involving Cuomos. He also had a turbulent relationship with a new boss, falling ratings and a testy relationship. Gollust has also left the network.

Zucker’s abrupt departure has thrown the future of CNN into chaos, just as it was poised to introduce a highly anticipated streaming service and come under new corporate ownership.

In other media news We remember P.J. O’Rourke, a sharp-toothed satirist whose conservatism wasn’t doctrinaire, our critic writes. He died Tuesday at the age of 74.

7. Visitors are on an Olympic search for good food.

Beijing was almost completely closed to the public due to the pandemic. Olympic participants have had to survive on a mix of robot-prepared snacks and hit-or-miss cafeteria food. International visitors made discoveries, shared tips, and celebrated their discoveries. A fifth-floor restaurant in Zhangjiakou’s resort, where there are snowboard events, quickly became a popular tourist destination.

Here are other news stories from behind the scenes

10. The Antarctic feat is the final.

A British Army officer has made the solo trek to the South Pole alone. She is possibly the first woman of color to do so.

Harpreet Chandi travelled alone for 40 days and covered more than 700 miles in ice and snow. She lugged 200 pounds of gear and endured temperatures as low at minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit. She is an avid hiker and ultramarathon runner who began training for her Antarctic expedition two years ago.

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