Robberies of Lakers Star, Fashion Nova CEO Possibly Connected, Cops Investigating

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The violent robbery ofNBA Kentavious Caldwell-PopeAs well as the attempted robbery of Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian According to law enforcement sources, this could have been connected.

TMZ reports that the police are investigating two June incidents and several others in L.A. lately to determine if they were part of a gang. of a larger crime ring.

According to both cases and similar cases, the victims were allegedly followed home after a night out. Once they arrived, they were approached and robbed by the suspects. ofThey are forced to surrender their valuables.

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As we reported, a similar incident took place in Hollywood Hills in the early hours of the morning. ofJune 25, when police say that 3 suspects stole a Rolls-Royce from the scene Fashion Nova boss home.

We were told that Richard’s 2 companions were taken to the ground by the suspects. They then took the jewelry. Richard’s security responded and the two men were arrested. shootout ensued.

Hollywood Hills Shooting -- Police On The Scene

Security and the suspects exchanged gunfire, and one was killed. ofThe suspect was killed and shot. Another suspect was also critically injured. The security guard was also shot. The third suspect was unharmed.

A week earlier — TMZ SportsFirst reported — the LakersGuard was Robbed at gunpointHe was robbed by three suspects as he was talking to friends in his driveway at 4 AM. According to our sources, the thieves took approximately $150,000. ofloot includes a Rolex and jewelry as well as an iPhone.

Although it’s not clear if there is any connection between the two cases, our sources confirm that this is exactly what cops are looking at… and that the investigation continues.

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