Rich The Kid Takes Over Fashion Nova’s Office

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Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid might be one of hip-hop’s best-dressed artists. The “Plug Walk”Hitmaker recently took his talent –and his fashionDrip — to the offices popular retailer Fashion Novato perform what appeared to be an impromptu show on someone’s desk.


Rich The KidPuts on a Show at Fashion Nova

Rich The KidA video on Instagram of him serenading his wife Fashion NovaRight on top of her desk, employee Some people could be heard laughing and enjoying it, while others could be heard. show, other people in the office were acting like they didn’t even notice a celebrity was performing a few feet away from them. It’s unclear what the real story is behind this; commercial shoot, or did someone really pay to have Rich The KidDo they rap for their coworker?

“Boss b*tches love ❤️ @fashionnova 😂😂😂”

Rich The KidMake it Rain!

Last month Rich The KidAuthorities issued a ticket for his arrest Tossing money in the airBeverly Hills is home to a large number of people. According to reports, there are more than a hundred people in Beverly Hills. RichHis Rolls-Royce was parked at Rodeo Drive when it suddenly began to rain. Soon, two motorcycle-riding police officers arrived and pulled up behind his car.

TheOn Thursday, the rapper pulled up in his Rolls-Royce Phantom just outside the Beverly Hills Louis Vuitton and Burberry stores. He started to throw wads of cash in air. It wasn’t long before a throng of fans — of the rapper and money, of course — showed up to catch it. (TMZ).

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Rich The Kid Joins Rostrum Records

TheGeorgia native recently took to his Instagram page in order to share big record label news with the world. KidAlso, he promised to soon drop a studio album for the masses on the same label as the late Pittsburgh rapper. Mac MillerAnd Wiz KhalifaOnce called home.

“How he signed a deal but still independent ??? IM A BOSS I TOLD U @rostrumrecords ALBUM OTW 🎯 what’s next you could never expect 😏🤔🤔🤔”

Rostrum Records claims that RichWhile putting music out on the popular labels, he will remain independent.

“Rich The Kid is a key voice of this generation, and we’re very excited that he chose Rostrum as his new home,”Rostrum founder & president Benjy Grinberg tells Billboard. “We look forward to amplifying his artistic vision and supporting his entrepreneurial ambitions. This is the beginning of a new chapter for us at Rostrum as we continue to break barriers in the independent label landscape.” (Billboard)

Rich The KidCops Dad Buys New Car

March Kid I went to his InstagramHere are some must-see footage. Without much context, RichHis dad shared footage of him flexing in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that usually sells for $32,800.

“Bought a new car for my dad, he coulda had anything on the lot 🤷🏽‍♂️”

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