Home Fashion Brands Fashion Nova Rich the Kid Ordered To Pay Fashion Nova Hundreds-Of-Thousands Of Dollars

Rich the Kid Ordered To Pay Fashion Nova Hundreds-Of-Thousands Of Dollars

Rich the Kid Ordered To Pay Fashion Nova Hundreds-Of-Thousands Of Dollars
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Rich the Kid was ordered to pay a heavy judgment to Fashion Nova, a clothing company, for breaking a contract!

It seems that troubled rapper Rich the Kid is back in the news … and it ain’t for music.


A new lawsuit asserts that the “Breakin’ U Off” After reneging on a deal, the artist will be ripping off Fashion Nova six figures.

According to The Blast a default judgment will require RTK to dish out $132,637.75 to the famous brand —$100,000 in damages, $29,526 in interest, and $3,111 in fees associated with the case.

Fashion Nova hired him in 2018 as a celebrity ambassador, at the height of his career.

The company provided a $100,000 advance for his services. As an ambassador, he was responsible for promoting the company, shout-outs on social media, and a mention on one of his songs.

He did not appear to have done any of these things.

RTK noted that RTK was the first to file the lawsuit. “S–t is crazy m########### tryna sue a n#### left and right”That and more “It’s time for us to promote ownership, not that slave s###.”


A Los Angeles County Court ruled that he was in the right to sue and that he did indeed break his endorsement contract.

According to AllHipHop.com Rick the Kid has a history of breaking his contracts.

His management sued him in 2020 for not honoring a contract worth over $1 million.

Blueprint Artist Management, the former manager for Rich the Kid, was granted a default judgment by a California judge. The total number of cases is 8. “No Loyalty” The rapper must pay $960 614 in damages and $143,696.28 in interest. $873 is the cost of the lawsuit. This totals $1,105,183.28.

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Blueprint Artist Management sued Rich the Kid originally for $3.5million, claiming that he owed him for his services. The firm claimed that Rich the Kid had been signed three years ago in May 2017 to a potentially lucrative contract that would have allowed for 20% of his gross income.

Their complaint is that the emcee did not pay them $960,000 in commission plus an additional $500,000. Blueprint is the complainant. “repeatedly demanded the payment of its long-overdue Commissions” Rich refused to pay them as per their agreement.

Rich the Kid has not spoken out about his recent loss in court.

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