People run for cover as drones start falling from the sky during a failed light show in China

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People run for cover as drones start falling from the sky during a failed light show in China

People flee for cover when drones fall from a failing light. showChina

Drone light showIn the middle of a China performance, the drones crashed. During a failed light show, drones fell out of the sky. showThe audience was terrified.

China has been inundated with drone light displays over the past few years. In promotional campaigns, government agencies, businesses, and tourist sites often commission expensive drone performances.

Some drone light shows, however have gone horribly sour.

In the middle a performance above, drones began falling from high in the sky. mall in Zhengzhou’s center city on Friday. You will find many striking structures and vehicles at the ground.

In video footage provided by local media, hundreds can be seen creating the name the shopping complex. Before dozens of them went dark and crashed, dozens more drones created the name. As they fled the devices, spectators heard them exclaiming “be careful”And “back off.”

Approximately 5,000 people, many of whom were young, were there to watch the event. showWang, a witness to the incident, spoke to Henan TV. He claimed that people had to flee while their hands were on their heads.

A 20-year-old showVICE News spoke to a resident who did not reveal his surname Li. He described the scene as chaotic.

Take a look at the video of the failed drone light show

“More and more drones came off,”Li said. “Some flew very far away, and some hit the trees.”He stated that staff members allow people to seek refuge in the shelter. mallThe drones were then taken from the floor.

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Li stated that he would still be able to watch drone shows in the near future. “They are still quite impressive,”He said. “But I will keep a safe distance.”

It is not known what caused the accident. The accident could have been caused by a fall. “operation errors,”According to an organizer. Despite the fact that there have been no injuries,

At drone displays in China, there have been several other mishaps. A group of drones crashed onto and then fell off a building during a January test run in Chongqing.

Last May, 17 drones crashed during a holiday performance in Chengdu, China’s southwestern city. Police discovered that the crash was caused by drone jammers by employees of another drone company after they had declined to perform.

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