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People Are Sharing Their Biggest Valentine’s Day Fails, And It’s Giving Me Secondhand Embarrassment

People Are Sharing Their Biggest Valentine's Day Fails, And It's Giving Me Secondhand Embarrassment
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“When I was in high school, they had a little booth outside of the lunchroom a few weeks before Valentine’s Day where you could buy a rose for someone and write a little note, and it would be delivered to them on Valentine’s Day. Well, Valentine’s Day rolls around, and I’m sitting in one of my classes when this guy comes in with a bunch of roses. He then drops them off on the desk of this nerdy, really shy girl, who immediately turns bright red. All of us wanted to know who they were from and what the note said, but this poor girl already looked like she was going to die of embarrassment, so we let it go. By the time I get to lunch, this news has for some reason spread like wildfire (this was a really small high school), when I started to notice that a bunch of girls seemed like they couldn’t stop laughing.”

“It turned out that a few of the popular girls had bought all of those flowers and signed the card pretending to be a popular guy that had a big crush on this poor girl.

I guess they couldn’t even wait to tell all of their friends about what a fucked-up thing they had done, so the entire school knew that it was a trick before the end of the day. The school administration found out, and decided to cancel the rose delivery tradition. Those popular girls, strangely enough, never got detention. I still have no idea how someone can be so mean to go out of their way to try to humiliate someone like that. Also, those flowers were not cheap, so they most likely spent at least $40 trying to humiliate someone.”

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—Anonymous, 37, TX

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