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One teen arrested, two more wanted for shooting outside Fashion Fair Mall, police say

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FRESNO (California). (KSEE/KGPE) – Three teenagers who were involved in a Last week, I shot outside the Fashion Fair Mall According to the Fresno Police Department, they were identified by officers.

Police claim that all three suspects were known gang members. They have been identified as Angel Burciaga (19 years old), Vincent Romo (19 year old), and Brandon Soto (18 years).

Officers were able to locate Romo at a Dinuba home on Friday, April 23rd. Police say Romo was found with a semiautomatic handgun.

Romo was arrested for his alleged role in the shooting that took place at the mallOne week ago.

After a Saturday night shooting, a tape was put on an outdoor shopping area at Fashion Fair Mall.

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A few officers ran to Fashion Fair shortly after 9 p.m. on Saturday April 17, after reports of shots being fired outside. mall.

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When the officers arrived, They quickly evacuated it mallAnd began to search for anyone who might be shot.

After speaking with witnesses officers discovered that a man had told another mallAccording to some witnesses, he had been shot in his foot. However, he fled before police arrived and has never been found.

Officers discovered that two groups had been fighting just before the shooting by looking at surveillance footage from the area. mall.

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Fresno Police Department is looking for Angel Burciaga (19 years old) and Brandon Soto (18 years old) in connection to a shooting at the Fashion Fair Mall.

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Police say that one of the men pulled out his gun during the argument and fired multiple shots at the other group.

Three rounds were fired into glass doors at the entry of the building. mallBut no innocent bystanders were injured by gunfire.

According to police, the shooter and the group then jumped into a vehicle and fled the scene. mall.

Fresno Police still wants Soto and Burciaga for charges related to Fashion Fair shooting.

Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is requested to call Fresno Police Department on 559-621-7700

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