No recycling pickup in Bloomington this week due to COVID-19 cases

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A city employee throws bagged items from Seminary Park into a garbage truck Jan. 15, 2021. (Rich Janzaruk / Herald-Times)

The city of Bloomington is stopping recycling pickup for at least one week because the sanitation department’s staff has been reduced by COVID-19 infections and potential exposures.

In a press release, the city stated that three new positive cases were reported by the department and six potential exposures. This resulted in a reduction in staffing. “less than 50% of what is needed for normal operations.”

The city decided to stop recycling pickup to allow staff to focus on regular trash pickup. The city asked residents to stop putting recycling carts out at the curb and to instead store them or take them to one the Monroe County recycling centers.

“Decisions on when recycling services will resume will be made as these staffing impacts are further clarified,”The city stated. “The Sanitation Department is developing additional pickups and interim solutions as they become available.”These solutions could include private haulers.

For any questions, call 812-349-33443.

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