Nicky Hilton Share A stunning photo album as the designer explores Positano in Italy

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Nicky Hilton in Italy! The designer shares her spectacular photo album as she visits PositanoRome, Capri and Capri

Nicky Hilton On Monday, he smiled when he saw him. she Posted a photo she can be seen lounging on a boat in Capri is surrounded by stunning views of the ocean.

In her Latest Instagram post: The blonde entrepreneur sat in a yacht bed made of buttercream-colored leather with water sparkling behind. her. She wore a multicolored caftan with yellow floral-patterned bikini straps peeking out.

The Protected 37-year old her Dark-colored lenses are best for dark-colored eyes. On her left hand, she wore a large blue ring. her An index finger, a colorful bracelet her A statement necklace and wristband with a large statement necklace her Neck.

Easy breezy: Nicky Hilton was seen smiling on Monday when she posted a photo of herself lounging on a boat in Capri with a stunning backdrop of the sea

Easy breezy: Nicky Hilton On Monday, he smiled when he saw him. she Posted a photo She can be seen lounging on a boat. in Capri with stunning sea views

It also had a photo This is her Charlott Cordes, a female friend as They sat side by Side in Positano.

The star shared images of hand-painted plates for sale in Positano as Well as Take a look at the stunning coastline.

Hilton Also, Rome was also stopped as she Shared an image of the Trevi Fountain

The fashion designer According to last week’s statement, her Paris, sister of the DJ, was not pregnant.

The star has five year old Lily Grace and three years old Teddy her Paris and James are married, but Paris has not yet started their family. However, Paris said in July she Thinks that having children is the best thing. ‘true meaning of life.’

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Positano pals: Nicky reposted this friendly flick with Charlott Cordes

Positano pals: Nicky Republished this friendly flick with Charlott cordes

Picture perfect: A remarkable view was snapped by Mrs Rothschild

Picture perfect: Mrs Rothschild captured this amazing view.

An eye for art: Nicky gave us a closeup look at these detailed and colorful plates

An eye for art: Nicky We were able to get a closer look at these colorful and detailed plates

When life gives you lemons: The mother of two shared this picture in her Instagram stories

When life gives you lemons The Mother of two shared this photo in her Stories on Instagram

The Recent speculation about Cooking With Paris singer has been dismissed she It is expected her Carter Reum, fiance, is the first child but she admitted she ‘can’t wait’to have children one-day and to regularly discuss the topic with her Sister Nicky.

She said: ‘[She told me being a parent] changes your whole life completely. It’s just the true meaning of life. It brings you so much joy and so much love that you could never even have imagined before. So I just can’t wait for that day one day.’

When she Does it start? her family, the 40 year-old heiress plans to reduce on her workload. She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ‘I always love being a boss babe. I love working hard. I’m running a huge empire so I’m always focused on my business. But one day when I become a mother, I’m not going to be traveling the way that I used to. It was way too much.’

Sightseeing: The socialite showed a photo of tThe Trevi Fountain in Rome

Sightseeing: The Socialite: photo The Trevi Fountain in Rome

Paris is busy with planning right now her Wedding and she Carter is delighted to be able to fit in. her Family. ‘I just love that Carter is so close with my family as well and excited to join our families all together.’

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‘I am so blessed that my parents are still together. They’ve been together since they were teenagers and fell in love, so it’s a relationship that I look up to.’ Paris has recently laughed off reports she’s pregnant and insisted she Will not have children until 2022 as she Wants to get married first.

Speaking in A special episode her podcast, she ‘I woke up to about 3,000 texts – all my iPhones are blowing up, all five of them, with everyone wishing me congratulations and saying they’ You make me so happy. I’ve heard from people I haven’t heard from in Many years. Thank you all for the messages. But yes, I am pregnant. I appreciate your congratulations and I am so excited for motherhood.

‘Just kidding. I am not pregnant. Not yet. I’I am still waiting for the wedding. My dress is currently being made. I want it to look beautiful and fit perfectly.

‘I’I’m not yet. I will be after the wedding, I can’t wait to have children in2022. But like I said, I’m just preparing for the wedding right now.’

Sisterly love: Paris and Nicky in Santa Monica in June; Paris recently denied she is pregnant

Sisterly love in Paris and Nicky in Santa Monica in Paris recently denied June she Is she pregnant?


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