National Design Academy spotlights ten student interior design projects

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A restaurant repurposed from old shipping containers and a Japandi-style coffee shop are included in Dezeen’s latest school showThe National Design Academy.

A French restaurant that was inspired by 1920’s art deco is also included designThe interior of a Moscow townhouse in central Moscow, which references the 1960s.

SchoolNational Design Academy
CoursesBA (Hons. Interior Design) and MA Interior Design
Tutors:Amy Payler-Carpenter; Andreia Vidas; Vicky McClymont; Odette Maine; Ruth Skrytek; Sarah-Jane Wilkinson. Simone Haley. Stephen Matthewman-Knowles

School statement

“The National Design Academy has been around for nearly 35 years and has alumni from over 35,000 designers from over 80 countries. It continues to be a leader in flexible online design. designEducation. All degrees are conferred in partnership with De Montfort University.

“The NDA provides a unique portfolio for online interior design designThe garden designQualifications, from short courses and diplomas to Bachelors or Masters degrees.

“These are the only degrees that can be awarded in Heritage Interior Design as well as Retail Interior Design and Design for Outdoor Living.

“The NDA’s degree courses offer the ability to upskill or retrain without having to put your career on pause or disrupt your home life. Many of the NDA’s students are practising designers; some are new to the industry but all form part of our thriving online campus community.”

A concept for a sustainable restaurant with bamboo products

Alexa Cher Alizee Wilson

“The brief was to design a sustainable concept restaurant. It was difficult to transform an old shipping container storage facility into a sustainable restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

“I wanted to demonstrate a sustainable interior can be more than just bamboo or repurposed wood. I designed a sustainable interior that is both aesthetically pleasing and creatively put together using cob, exotic encaustic tiles, glistening glass bricks and concrete. The design was inspired by the local Indochine style with a minimalist scheme.”

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Student: Alexa Cher Alizee Wilson
BA Interior Design (Hons)
Email: alexa.w.studio[at]Google.com

A cafe based on European designs. It has a box-like black structure with neutral products

Ayse Begum Bolkaya

“In this project the aim was to designA cafe and store for environmentally conscious clients that uses sustainable products and finishes. The project combines Scandinavian simplicity, minimalism, and functionality with European elegance.

“The focal point for the designThe installation area is made up of a huge steel structure. This area is intended to host conceptual projects and exhibitions, or to display the inspiration behind them. fashion designerThe collection.

“Furniture and accessories are from Sancal, Essem Design, Karl Andersson & Soner, Arflex, Egizia, Salvatori and Swedese.”

Student:Ayse Begum Bolkaya
BA Interior Design (Hons)

A coffee shop that uses light wooden products

Fernanda Espidio

“This project is a coffee shop based on the concept of Japandi – it is a mixture of the traditional Japanese influence and Scandinavian design. The three concepts that guided the project were flow, hygge and origami.”

Student: Fernanda Espidio
MA Interior Design

A Luxury French Restaurant With Art-Deco and green velvet aesthetic

Ibrahim Mohamad Aljasem

“This is a luxury French restaurant inspired by 1920’s art deco beauty. It uses natural wood and furniture upholstered in lush green velvet.”

Student: Ibrahim Mohamad Aljasem
Course:BA Interior Design (Hons)
Email: ibrahim[at]luxurious-studio.com

A restaurant with orange flowers on the ceiling

Kavindi Opatha

“Santorini is inspired by the beauty and charm of Santorini in Greece. The space captures the essence and characteristics the city of Santorini, reflecting the beauty of Greece.

“The flower ceiling along with the colors blue, white, mild grey and simple furniture designs are meant make the occupants feel like you are in Greece.

“When we think of this beautiful place, we imagine a seaside with magical blues and whites. The pavilion designThe primary function of a camera is to capture and reproduce these emotions.

“The pavilion is placed on a pool to make use of the beach, which creates an infinity effect to the design while the overall design provides an exquisite, calming and a perfect finish to host magical wedding ceremonies.”

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Student: Kavindi Opatha
Course:MA Interior Design

An interior with luxurious colourful products

Mackenzie Morrison

“Student digs for art deco lounge!” The room was dark magnolia with unsuitable furniture and an unlivable layout. My client wanted an art-deco aesthetic and was not afraid of being bold.

“It’s paid off tenfold, and her lounge truly makes you go ‘wow’ when you enter. Chevron and sunburst motifs signify more obvious deco design, and have been paired with more subtle references to make a striking but not cliche space.”

Student: Mackenzie Morrison
BA Interior Design (Hons)

Interior with white walls and neutral products

Marina Ternovaya

“My project has the spirit and spirit of the 1960s. It was built for a young family living in a Moscow house built in 1960s. It was crucial to preserve the shade of trees throughout the construction. designthe Sixties in Russia and at the same time evoke an era-appropriate aesthetic.

“The project uses stucco, which was very popular in Moscow, and modern furniture and lighting to ensure the interior isn’t outdated.”

Student: Marina Ternovaya
BA Interior Design (Hons)

A hotel built in a Victorian building. It has a traditional design with cream walls and seating

Noor Kamal

“The Hypnos Hotel, a commercial project in London’s Lancaster Gate, is located in Hypnos Hotel. This project includes many spaces that needed renovations and remodelling while keeping in mind the building’s historicity. Due to the building’s location and market, it was crucial to find the ideal space. design. The Victorian building was targeted at tourists and business people who wanted to enjoy the city.

“Therefore, the plan was a Victorian/modern interior to fulfil requirements. During the designing process, it was important to include DDA requirements and sustainable materials.”

Student: Noor Kamal
BA Interior Design (Hons)

A bedroom with a gold and grey aesthetic

Philip Baldacchino Caruana

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“The interior designThe storytelling conveys a unique experience and respects the local heritage of Zebbug (Malta). The designThis was derived from the moulded edges of the De Rohan Arch’s triangular pediment.

“The bed headboard has decorative features in a linear, gold, black, and silver pattern. As the headboard is raised, the length of the black and gold designs increases.

“The headboard exhibits similar characteristics to the arch’s neoclassical architecture through the grandeur of scale and simplicity of geometric forms. The beige walls paired with the brown ceiling accentuate the chandelier’s golden features.”

Student: Philip Baldacchino Caruana
MA Interior Design

Sabine Daly

“The space was designed to be a modern industrial space. designThe accent of copper is a subtle nod to steampunk. It includes concrete floors as well as exposed brick walls (not seen).

“The colours black, white and copper are used along with exposed brick to create a bold statement and since the colours and materials are bold the furniture and objects are simple in shape to not overwhelm the space. The marble backsplash is bold but at the same time simple, it has all three main colours – black, white and grey – it is what connects the whole design together.”

Student: Sabine Daly
Course:BA (Hons.) Interior Design

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