Muslim Fashion Designer was First to Introduce Leather Shoes to UK Royals

Buckingham Palace


Aura Soltana, an Tatar young girl who was later to become fashionThe advisor to Queen Elizabeth I was gifted by her


[Buckingham Palace London – the official residence of the UK Royal family.]

London:Leather shoes have evolved from a popular footwear item to a symbol of wealth and privilege. The first leather shoes to be introduced to the British Royal Family by a Muslim was to be a comon. fashion designerAccording to a media report,

British royals didn’t like leather shoes until Aura soltana, an abandoned child who was captured as an infant and described in palace records to be a war price, became the first to wear them. fashionadvisor of Queen Elizabeth I. My London said in an article.

“Despite being brought to the palace as a slave, she was certainly well looked-after. She was known for wearing dresses of Granadan silk and was the owner of several shoes made of Spanish leather”According to the news portal,

“Even Queen Elizabeth I herself did not wear leather shoes at the time, as her shoes were often made of velvet. It wasn’t until Aura, or Ipolitan, started working as the Queen’s personal fashion advisor that the Queen started wearing Spanish leather herself”The report stated that.

Anthony Jenkinson, a 29 year-old Leicester man, gifted Aura Soltana, a Tatar slave-girl, to Queen Elizabeth I.

Jenkinson was part of the famous Muscovy Company that was established in 1551 in order to promote commercial ties among Russia and England.

Jenkinson and other sailors then crossed the Caspian into Persia. They made it to Bukhara, which today is located in Uzbekistan.

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Although their goal was to eventually penetrate India and China’s markets, they realized that the road was too dangerous. They departed Persia without much to show for it. show thank you for your support.

Jenkinson and his companions returned to Moscow by way of Astrakhan.

This former Tatar stronghold was located on the north-western coast, Caspian. It had been ransacked just two years prior by the armies Russian Ivan the Terrible.

“There, Jenkinson was gifted with a young Tatar slave-girl, thought to be of Nogai stock, whose name is recorded in history books as Aura Soltana”The report stated that.

“Not much is known of Aura, but Jenkinson is referenced as boasting that he had bought her for the price of “A loaf of bread is worth sixpence in England” and that he had renamed her Anna”The report stated that.

Jenkinson believed to have brought Aura with him to Moscow and then returned to England 1560 to present her to his queen.

Aura was mentioned in a ledger of Elizabeth’s servants has being “dear and well-beloved”She was still mentioned in court orders until the end 1560s for Adam Bland, a skinner, to supply rabbit fur for her damask cloth.

Historian Jerry Brotton has done well to document Aura’s story in his 2016 book “The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam”Yet, her life is still a mystery.

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