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MTG’s Magic 30 Cosplay Contest Prize Is A $200 Gift Card, So One Cosplayer Is Offering $1,000

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Magic: The Gathering celebrates its 30th Anniversary next month at the Magic 30 Las Vegas event. As you’d expect there are many events for fans. One event, a cosplay contest was announced earlier this week, but immediately caused controversy because the grand prize was a $200 gift certificate. This caused one former MTG cosplayer $1,000 to give to the winner.

The blog post on MTG’s websiteThe first prize is a $200 JOANN Fabric gift certificate, three-day badges to an upcoming Event and a hotel room to use at the event. The post states that additional prizes and rewards will be determined by the sponsor. However, the MTG community responded by pointing out that the prizes are low-effort for a 30-year anniversary and that they don’t represent the amount of money or effort that goes into cosplay.


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A quick glance at the MTG Community on Twitter shows the severity of the reaction to the prize. Twitter user quad_9s summarized it pretty well, saying, “Congrats on winning the cosplay contest for a game that spans an illustrious and profitable 30 years! Your prize is a gift card our intern ran across the street for 20 minutes ago and this swag that cost us nothing. We appreciate your continued dedication to your craft”.

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Sprankle, a former MTG cosplayer, responded to the prize by saying that she would give $1,000 of her own cash to the winner of the first-place prize. This is both a generous and a very generous move. showYou can see how little effort was put into the MTG 30 cosplay competition.

Sprankle said: “I’ll just straight up give the Best in Show winner $1,000. For real for real. Or if you want a case of whatever set around the same price. Winners choice. A handmade costume for a competition isn’t cheap. Plus travel and everything else. It’s a lot for one event.”

Sprankle was one of the most popular cosplayers within the MTG community and this means even more. We’ve previously spoken about negative experiences with Wizards & cosplaying.

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