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Mercedes-Benz reveals Virgil Abloh’s Project MAYBACH coupe off-roader that showcases Virgil’s distinct design sense

Mercedes-Benz reveals Virgil Abloh’s Project MAYBACH coupe off-roader that showcases Virgil’s distinct design sense
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An electric with a long hood. showCar by late fashion designerVirgil Abloh combines the off-road aesthetics of a coupe with the luxury and comfort of a two-seater. This is something only Virgil could imagine!

Virgil Abloh has left a void in the fashion designindustry last week after his sudden and tragic death at 41 from a rare type of cancer (cardiac angiosarcoma). And this is just one of many remarkable creations by the influential designerThe Project MAYBACH electric coupe is another example of his. design sense. Created in collaboration Maybach and Daimler AG chief designerGorden Wagener’s off-roading coupe makes a powerful statement. fashionAutomotive design. The two-seater coupe reflects Abloh craftsmanship with its contrast lines and big proportions. It rides on big off-roading tires and has underbody paneling to handle any terrain. You will also find a large roof rack and high beam lights that make off-roading an exciting adventure.

Mercedes-Benz granted Wagener and Abloh complete freedom with the 20-foot-long Project Maybach. The result is a long-hooded electric car with circular headlights and chrome vertical trim pieces underneath the spanning lamp bar. The transparent hood hides the solar cells underneath, which extends its range a bit more. This Maybach was built from scratch. The straight lines and sharp edges give it a distinct style quotient. The rear section exudes a strange spaceship-like vibe.

The interior of the zero emission battery-powered zero-emission vanguard tan is shown in this photo showThe car’s dominant feature is the spartan-like styling and matching tan-colored leather seat covers. They can recline flat for relaxation or to take in the stunning view through the all-glass rear section. There’s plenty of storage on the inside thanks to the storage bins, or the special compartments to stow away tools or other essentials that you’ll carry along on a trip. When not in use, the cinematic infotainment system at the center of your dashboard folds into the compartment.

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Mercedes-Benz thanked Virgil Abloh für his unfailing inspiration “explore every day the power of cross-industry dialogue to imagine a better, more inclusive future.”Virgil stated that October was the beginning of the year. “The Maybach legacy celebrates exploration, pushing creativity to new places, living outside of the status quo. In this next phase, we’re embracing these ideals and bringing the Mercedes Maybach heritage into the future, inviting the next generation to join in revering this icon.”

To commemorate Virgil’s legacy and appreciate Gorden’s efforts for this design, Mercedes-Benz will unveil the Project MAYBACH at Miami’s Rubell Museum from December 1 to December 2. Exclusive access to local designStudents will be granted access from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm EST on December 1.

Designer: Mercedes-Benz/Daimler AG

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