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Medical pedicure service opens – Fort Frances Times

Medical pedicure service opens – Fort Frances Times
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Happy Feet Foot Care is a new service that provides medical pedicures for diabetics and those with medical foot problems.

Tammy Brown Idrissou, the owner and manager, stated that this service was lacking in the area, especially since there is an aging population. She’s hoping her service will ease the lengthy waitlists at specialized diabetes clinics, and offer services not available at regular salons, such as ingrown nail care. Brown-Idrissou explained that most salons don’t have the necessary training in medical foot care and are reluctant to provide services for diabetics. Her clinic is fully qualified and welcomes all who need medical foot care.

“With foot care, there are a lot of people now, besides diabetics, who have had hip and knee replacements or just have bad vision, or arthritis, where they can’t do their own feet. I reduce the nails, clip and file them and thinning the nails. I do the calluses, corns, warts and fissures on their feet,” Brown-Idrissou said.

Brown-Idrissou had previously worked as a foot care specialist at the Health Access Centre. Since 2013, she is a registered practical nurse. In 2016, she completed the foot care course. She had previously worked in mental health and addictions at both the Ontario Addictions Treatment Centres (OaTC) and Fort Frances jail.

“I enjoyed it quite a lot so I decided to open my own practice because there were a lot of people who couldn’t access services, except through the clinic, which was really backed up,”She said.

A dry medical pedicure lasts 45-60 minutes. The set fee is $75. Brown-Idrissou said the price is adjusted to every person’s needs, adding that some receipts could be submitted to insurance companies that cover this treatment.

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Brown-Idrissou explained that she makes sure clients are informed when they call to schedule an appointment.

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“If there’s a special concern, maybe a really bad ingrown or something, I’ll ask them to send me a picture and that way I can kind of judge from it the amount of time we’ll need for an appointment,”She said. “But I try to do everything for them when they come for their appointment.”

If the client isn’t diabetic, she will ask them if they are to soak their feet in Epsom salt before the appointment. This helps to make the skin and nails more manageable.

Brown-Idrissou currently accommodates 200 patients on a rotating basis. Although many patients will need her on a one-time basis, others will need routine maintenance, because they can’t see or reach their feet or they can’t feel their feet due to diabetes.

Happy Feet Footcare was opened on February 14. This is Brown-Idrissou’s full-time job now, with plans to take on an employee in the near future, to allow her to expand.

“I think there’s not very many providers in the district,”She said. “With an ageing population, it is becoming more of a need. I noticed even in youth and teenagers a lot of ingrown toenails from sports, kicking balls in soccer. That causes a lot of ingrowns. There’s a lot of people that are all ages now that are requiring some help with foot care.”

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Happy Feet Foot Care can be found at 339 Scott St, Fort Frances. You can find them on Facebook. New clients are accepted.

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