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Mayo Clinic partners with La Crosse Fire Department under new fitness program

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According to a FEMA survey, nearly 42% of firefighter-related injuries occurred while responding to flames in 2017.

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — A new collaboration between Mayo Clinic Health System and the La Crosse Fire Department is aimed at improving each firefighter’s strength and well being.

As part of the program, a Mayo Clinic athletic trainer, research scientist and physician, all of whom are affiliated with the health system’s sports medicine department, will conduct tests to assess the strength, speed and endurance of La Crosse firefighters in order to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Joel Luedke works as an athletic trainer and strength and condition coach for Mayo Clinic Health System. He stated that the program aims to help people achieve their goals. “reduce aches and pains”Firefighters are at risk of injury.

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Luedke stated that firefighters are treated like tactical athletes in the program, aiming to achieve their highest performance.

“What we’re hoping to implement with them is a training program to help improve their performance,”He said. “Training them more like the traditional athlete,”He continued.

Three firefighters from the La Crosse Fire Department completed an obstacle-course on Wednesday while wearing a heart rate monitor and other gear so Mayo Clinic could better measure their physical abilities.

Luedke explained that Mayo Clinic will conduct a variety of fitness tests for La Crosse firefighters. The results of those tests will then be measured every 4 to 6 weeks.

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Jeff Schott, Chief of La Crosse Fire Department, stated that physical fitness is essential for all aspects of responding to emergencies. He stated that the department devotes time every day to fitness.

“Everything we do as far as our job duties as firefighters and EMTs is predicated on our fitness levels,”He said.







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