Matric pupil has designs to go big

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TRENDY: Clout House brand owner Alizwa Sibawu, is the future of fashionPicture: SUPPLIED

The passing on of fashionDesign skills from a mother toA son could be the beginning of a new future fashionHouse empire.

Alizwa Sibawu, who is currently in matric at Queen’s College, began his business of designing clothing in grade 7.

Sibawu stated that his talent for fashionAfter being exposed, the fashion industry caught up with clothing design. to his mother, Lindelwa’s work, when she operated her sewing machine at home.

”My mother studied fashionDesign was my favorite subject growing up. toWatch her sew patterns and make clothes. She stopped, but the sewing machines were always there. That is when I began designing items for myself,” he said.

It was then that people saw his talent and creativity, which led to the creation of Clout clothing brand.

However, the name has since developed to Clout House over the years.”People loved the clothes I was making, started asking me toI create clothes for them.
It began.

I came up with Clout House. toMake it a fashion empire. Clout House was my choice. toInfluence how people dress fashion. Clout is defined as the influence or power of a person. to gain respect,” Sibawu added.

Sibawu started his small business in designing in grade 7 but it was only last year that he registered it.

His clothing line caters to both men and women.

Sibawu said: ”I cater for semi-formal and casual which is called drip in the new era. Drip is a combination of casual and formal wear. People typically wear a formal jacket. ‘sharp nose’Shoes, a formal shirt with tie, but the twist? to put on a branded T-shirt, instead of a formal shirt with a tie.”

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He has plans toStudy fashion design toKeep following his passion. toDevelop his brand. He gets his inspiration from MaXhosa Africa, a South African knitwear company founded by Laduma Nyokolo.

”I can relate toHis story is similar to mine. His mother, who was deceased, used to be toHis knitting machine gave him the ability to create his brand. His knitting patterns were very popular.

His work is loved both in SA and internationally. I wish to be at his level.”What defines fashionAccording to toHe is how people express themselves through their clothes and how they carry themselves. ”People have different styles. They are open to wearing different clothes.

The latest trend is to wear a coat, jeans and sneakers and a T-shirt – a balance between smart and casual,” said Sibawu.

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