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Latin Acts Share Their Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Anecdote – Billboard

Mike Bahía and Greeicy
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From melted rose-shaped chocolates to buying a reggaetón-inspired Valentine’s Day card or traveling to France to deliver an epic kiss onstage, we all have an unforgettable Día del Amor y la Amistad story.

Power couple Mike Bahia and Greeicy, Los Dos Carnales, Ximena Sariñana, Gerardo Ortiz, Tommy Torres and more Latin acts shared their favorite personal Valentine’s Day memory or anecdote with Billboard. You can see them below, in their own words.


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I had made reservations to enjoy a romantic dinner at a restaurant we both have always wanted to visit. I didn’t know where I was taking her so I took her to a drive-thru fast food restaurant and ordered food. I wanted to see her reaction. Her mood changed completely and she wanted to go back home. Finally, I went to the original reservation location and everything was back to normal.


My two-year old daughter, who is now two years old, wakes me up every morning with a rose and a breakfast prepared by her mother. This is the best way to commemorate the day of friendship and love. To see her innocent face give me a small gift and make it special, will always be the best way I have ever celebrated her arrival. “I love you,” even if she doesn’t even know what this day means. These are moments that will remain — and even if she doesn’t remember later, I’ll make sure she knows how she made this day so special for me.


One Valentine’s Day, I bought flowers but took them home at night so I could surprise the person the next morning. Surprise! The flowers were already dead when my alarm woke me up. I took them to my girlfriend regardless — because it’s the thought that counts, right?


I was part of a romantic story one Valentine’s Day. A friend invited me to a movie and told us the time. What I didn’t was that he had rented out the entire theater and invited his entire friends and family to propose to his girlfriend. It was so romantic, I had the honor to witness it.


My husband and my love for each other makes us feel special on days of friendship and love. Gifts are a part of our lives. We give each other gifts, both spontaneously and on any day. Paulo gives me flowers and chocolates every February 14th because he knows that I love them. He once gave me Cuban croquetas shaped like a heart. I almost died! He’s very original and has a great sense of humor like me. That’s why we have a lot of fun and enjoy every blessing that God gives us.

I remember that on one Valentine’s I didn’t say anything, but there was something that had caught my attention and I longed to have it — it was like a whim, a girl’s dream. My husband surprised me on February 14, 2020 by coming through the door with flowers and chocolates as well as a white bear with a heart teddy bear. That’s what I wanted! The bear!  I clearly remember screaming and taking the bear from my father. He was stunned in middle of the room as he believed that my love was for me. But then, I told him: “Daddy, there is no competition! You are my teddy!”All, Happy February 14!


More than anything, my partner’s birthday is the day after, so for the past five years, I take it as an opportunity to celebrate twice. Last year we couldn’t travel or do anything social, so we did a “Netflix and chill” marathon. We stayed at our favorite New York hotel for two nights, ordered food from our favorite restaurants and watched movies. We also did what couples do most often. A beautiful view, good conversation, and mud masks!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of love and I daydream romantic moments. I was that typical girl who patiently waited to be called to the school’s reception because I had received a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear from an anonymous person … that never happened.

But one Valentine’s Day, I had been dating this guy for like a month, and I was super excited that we were spending our first Valentine’s Day together. He told me to get ready, but didn’t explain what we were doing. I got out of the shower and turned the music up loud. I was so happy that I was shouting and singing in the shower. I would run up and over the hall asking my roommates what to wear. He had been in my apartment for the entire day and was cooking dinner for me. I didn’t know what to do. He heard me screaming and singing like a crazy person.


I moved to New York 10 years ago, arriving on Valentine’s Day. I spent the entire day running around trying to find basic necessities to survive the first few days in a new place by myself. I didn’t pay much attention to the red hearts or teddy bears that were everywhere. The streets were filled with families and couples who walked the streets to chat and enjoy a pleasant evening. That’s when I finally realized that I was alone, in a big city, with my family very far away.

In the midst my realization, I received a call from mom who said: “Love is having the capacity and the will to follow what moves you.’ Let this day remind you that paying attention to whatever sparkles you is the biggest act of love you can do for yourself. And if we don’t learn to listen to ourselves we can’t be there for anyone else. Also, if you are not feeling well, text, call, write… do whatever you need. But, express it.”

V-Day is a day for me that reminds me of how important it is to tell people you love how you feel and remind them how much you appreciate them. [also to]I am proud to choose to follow my passions.


One of my favorite Valentine’s Day moments was when I was at rehearsals for a musical and was delivered a bouquet of flowers from a “secret admirer.”They were actually my crushes! It was so sweet and made me smile!

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The first Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my boyfriend, he surprised me with a beautiful romantic dinner he cooked for us. I was the one who cooked for him last year so we had a picnic on a rooftop. We ate pizza and watched Up, which is one of my favorite movies. I called it “Giving him the gift of choice”. “Our Adventure Book,” which we’ve been filling up every month with photos from our adventures and best moments together. It’s his turn to surprise me this year, so I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on my social media.


I remember on a Valentine’s Day, I was with the person I thought was the love of my life. I had only been dating her for a few weeks and she had just returned home from a trip. I asked her out on that day and we went to dinner and watched a movie. Her attitude was not right. I thought she was hiding some kind of secret. We went back to her home to watch another film, and she fell asleep. I found out that she had been calling other people while she was gone when I checked her phone.

In that moment, I felt both pain and motivation. I was grateful that I found out sooner than I expected. That night, I wrote one of my greatest songs, ‘Let It Go.’”


Valentine’s Day is also my birthday and that means I’ve had a lot of parties where no one shows up because they had plans, but the good thing about having a Valentine’s Day birthday is that on a personal level they always give me the double gift, if you know what I mean.

Because they were all single, 75 people visited my Puerto Rico beach house. What about restaurants? They have a special menu for that day to make it faster. That’s why I prefer to ask for my favorite food to be cooked at home. Or going to the beach, it’s another vibe, tropical love. A tropical relationship that celebrates love and life together.


There’s nothing like a romantic taco night with my fiancee. We even make heart shaped tortillas on Valentine’s Day.


In Colombia for Valentine’s Day we do a secret gift exchange (El Amigo Secreto) and my favorite anecdote is something that happened to me in school. The classroom did the following: “Secret Gift Exchange”I chose the name for a person I did not like, but I never told her that I liked them. On the day of the exchange, I obviously took the gift for the person I got, but I took another one for my crush because I wanted to take it to her, even though I hand’t picked her name out.

She started to guess, looking for the person who gave her the gift (her secret admirer). She then said two names. The first was another classmate. ‘ok well maybe the second will be me’Nothing. The second name she said wasn’t me, so I preferred not even to say it – and I kept quiet and only one classmate knew. It was me, she didn’t know.


I was very sad about my relationship with my partner on February 14th and needed to express my feelings. I can recall sitting in a corner of my home when it started to pour. I wrote a song in seven hours, and it didn’t take me long to finish. I recorded the song, and uploaded it. It’s one of the best memories I have of a Valentine’s Day.


One of my favorite Valentine’s Day was when I was able to spend it with my son Santiel when he was just a few months old. That day was the day I publicly announced that I was a father. It will be one the most memorable days of my life. 


I can recall a February 14th, when I was still high school. The prettiest girl in my school asked me if i wanted to be her boyfriend. That was the first time that I felt hope. I would write poems and songs for her. I was also really young and inexperienced… I was so focused on my relationship that I failed chemistry. My mother learned the truth and made me split with my girlfriend. It was painful and embarrassing but today, it’s one of my favorite anecdotes that makes me laugh.


BahiaI surprised Greeicy in Europe with a surprise because she was on tour for the soap opera Chica Vampiro. I took the stage, and I kissed Greeicy. She was in full character and I wasn’t part of the project so everyone was confused because they thought, why is this random person kissing her onstage. I wasn’t even famous then. But it was such an emotional moment that everyone got so excited and didn’t question anything.


I had planned with my best friend to spend Valentine’s Day together because we were both single. A week prior, I had been talking to someone and decided to spend Valentine’s Day together. Only thing, I didn’t know how to tell my best friend that I had to cancel on her so … the three of us ended up celebrating Valentine’s Day together.


To be completely honest I’ve never had a Valentine’s … BUT, this year I do! Valentine’s Day has never been a day that I’ve looked forward to, because I’ve never had anyone to spend it with. The tables have now turned, and I gotta figure out what I’m going to do. I think I may end up loving Valentine’s Day, hehehe. All I know is that It’s gonna be a day filled with passion and romance. There will definitely be anecdotes that I’ll be able to share with you guys next year. Valentine’s Day will be one to remember. I can feel it!


My all-time favorite Valentine’s Day was when I was able to watch a sunset, feeling loved with the person that I always wished to be accompanied by. It was a magical moment. We shared smiles and experienced beautiful emotions at a picnic. It was a day I will never forget.


My favorite memory of my childhood was when I was a child. Valentine’s Day was that one opportunity to ask your crush if she would be your valentine. You asked your crush by sending her a folded sheet of paper with the question written inside. You felt like the king when she said yes. Best Valentine’s Day ever.

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I was once working with a record label in Monterrey and they told me that we had a few days off in February for Valentine’s Day. My friends were all spending the day with their girlfriends and their friends, but my family was far away from me. I was alone, without money or time but I decided I wouldn’t spend the day alone. I wanted to be with someone special.

To be with my girlfriend, I took the bus to Puerto Vallarta. It was really far so the trip was longer than I expected. I had to travel to the other side. I got to spend a few minutes with her before I had time to board a bus back to Monterrey.


A couple of years ago I had a big crush on a girl from my high school, and on Valentine’s Day I was ready to tell her how I felt about her — but my best friend did the same just before me. After that, I found out that they were talking for a while before Valentine’s Day and they got into a relationship after that. It was the first and last time that I have been heartbroken… I cried like for two days in a row on my bed.


The most memorable Valentine’s Day to date is when I was trying to swoon over this girl and I surprised her with roses and this huge teddy bear. I asked my friend to go with me to buy all of this and I bought flowers and a bear that were too big and didn’t even fit in my car. So I called my brother to let him borrow his truck. It was chaos! I left his truck so dirty. But I was able fit everything in there, and all the chaos was worth it. 


My favorite Valentine’s Day was when my girlfriend and I went to dinner, and she told the waitress it was on my birthday. We laughed so hard because it was a lie, and the entire restaurant sang happy Birthday. I was taken by surprise when she caught me.


Best valentine’s memory was when my ex-boyfriend blind folded me and took me to a trail of flowers that led to a romantic dinner on the beach in Mexico.


What we love about Valentine’s Day is that we like to gift our beautiful mother with flowers and chocolates and see her face light up with happiness. We like to remind her she is a friend as well as a mother.


Without a doubt, the best Valentine’s Day will be this year’s because of all the wonderful things that have been happening in my life. Best part: I’m releasing a song this year called ‘Cuando Hay Amor’Because I get to celebrate it doing the things I love most in my life.


I decided to ask this girl out not because it was Valentine’s Day but because we were both available that day. It’s worth mentioning that we knew each other, before this date, we were acquaintances and got along well. The few times we coincided we always talked about going to drink mezcal and that Valentine’s Day, was the night we were able to set up a time. After a few drinks we got to the mezcal bar and I was brave enough say that I liked her. One thing I didn’t really pay attention to was that she did bring up this guy Jos a lot. After I told her how much I liked her, she answered me that it was Jos. ‘my partner.’After that embarrassing moment, we continued to drink and Jos appeared. To my surprise, Jos turned up to be a woman.


My relationship with Valentine’s day has shifted so many times throughout the years. As a child, it was so much fun to live vicariously through movies, media, and through chocolate and teddy bears. As I grew up, I started to celebrate it with my partners in different ways. The best thing about it was realizing that you can be in love with many things and many people. As an adult, I believe my best memories would be of me and friends and family and good food. And that’s what I would say that my relationship with Valentine’s Day is.


I remember my first Valentine’s I was playing in my neighborhood park and along comes my crush with a box of brownies. I was so nervous when I saw they were for me, I started blushing. I think that first Valentine’s gift is always so special. Now every Valentine’s Day I receive flowers form my parents — a reminder that love has many faces.


A funny anecdote from a Valentine’s Day is that one time, I went to buy rose-shaped chocolates — and it was so hot outside that when the person opened them, they had melted. They tasted great even after they had melted.


“I’m a pretty simple lady when it comes to Valentine’s Day or a romantic date — so my memory of my favorite Valentine’s might seem small but it was special to me. One of my most favorite Valentine’s was a few years back, pre-pandemic time and during a tour break, my fiancé Andy surprised me with a fancy dinner at The View restaurant in NYC followed by a showLincoln Center

I love surprises, and I am used to being the one organizing them. This romantic evening was a great surprise to me. It was my first experience dining at a revolving restaurant, with a view of NYC and an opera at Lincoln Center. When we met at the restaurant’s elevator, he was wearing a cute outfit — instead of real flowers he had flowers made out LEGO, and was wearing one of my favorite Bulgari colognes. That night was a memorable one that I will always cherish. I also loved his creativity and Lego flowers. I could keep them forever.

After the Opera, our group took a stroll in the city and, at the last moment, decided to head downtown for some jazz. We returned home with our hearts full of love and our souls full of good music. These little details may seem silly, but they really mean the world to us.


This year is a special Valentine’s, because my wife Gwendolyn and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Every year is special to me. My music has always brought me joy. It’s very common to be in a concert singing these days so this year I’ll be in Phoenix celebrating love. Happy Valentine’s everyone!!!

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When I was in college, I had some savings due to the fact that I was able work. On a Valentine’s Day, I went to the mall to buy a gift for the girl I liked — but when I got there, I saw these really cool tennis shoes I really wanted, so I ended up wasting the money on myself.


My favorite Valentine’s moment, was when I decided to surprise my boyfriend, and set up a glamping date for us! I bought him flowers, wine, packed his bags and took him on a glamping adventure, without our phones for two days, I’m the type of girl that believes a guy should be spoiled too!


At the beginning of 2020, I was already four months pregnant. I can still remember how happy it made me feel. It was a dream which would soon become a reality. However, at the same time, I had this constant fear of thinking about my career as a singer and how it would come to an end — I didn’t think I could do everything at once.

On Valentine’s Day my husband had taken me to eat, he gave me some flowers and gave me a letter that filled my heart. He said that he admired me, emphasized that he loved me, and that our son was going to be very lucky to have as a mother a woman who worked to fulfill her dreams — an artist who sings day and night, and who at the same time is the best mother. He said that I could do anything and that he was always there to help me. He came to give me wings. I started to write Mis Amores that day.


One of my favorite Valentine’s Day was a couple of years ago. I was just starting to go out with my boyfriend of that time and he was behaving a little weird therefore I didn’t know what to expect. He told me to be there at 8pm and that we were going out. He had brought 365 roses when he reached my house. He asked me to be his girlfriend after we had dinner.


My dad sends me one red rose every year for Valentine’s Day. It reminds me that he’s always thinking of me and has his full support. I hope to be able to pass this on to my family.


Valentine’s Day for me is a special celebration of love entre familia. I’ve always been spoiled rotten especially from my mom. My parents sent me red roses, chocolates, and daisies. It’s a tradition to always buy each other flowers and a written card.

I remember one of my favorite Valentine’s Days was a surprise to see the Lion King the musical in New York City. We were in the front row, and we finished it off with a romantic meal. I must say I’ve had some pretty good luck on love vibes for V-Day! I always believe that love is tenfold when it’s given to you. I look forward to all these 2022 angel number love vibes, can’t wait to see what’s in store.


When I was younger, I used to be pretty shameless with people I knew but those that I didn’t know well, I was shy around them. I remember going to a battle of raps when I was 14 years old. I met this girl who I thought was beautiful. I got to the plaza and exchanged a few words with her — and when it was my turn to battle, I thought this was my chance to impress her with a more romantic freestyle. But I got so nervous at the last minute that I didn’t impress her and lost the battle. Funny thing? It was February 14, and it’s a Valentine’s Day I will never forget.


Every Valentine’s Day, I get super anxious not knowing what to write or say, or what to gift that other person. I think we all feel that but, since I’m a songwriter, I feel there’s more pressure on me. One time, I went to the store to buy a card instead of writing something and I found cards with messages inspired by reggaetón songs. So, I thought the funniest thing was to buy one of these cards — I think I chose one from Yandel, and that was my Valentine’s Day card that year. In romance, it’s important that there’s a sense of humor. If the relationship isn’t funny, it becomes too serious.


My most precious memory is of the day that my wife and me became boyfriend/girlfriend on February 14. So that’s definitely a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget, and it’s been the most important one for us since then.


My favorite moment of Valentine’s Day is to be with my mom, who celebrates her birthday that day. I always divide my time on that day. I wake her up with a bouquet full of roses. I then take her to lunch and shop. I spend the night with my partner. I decorated the house with candles and roses for my partner, and turned on some music. It was the best evening. It is always a blessing to be able to celebrate the two women that I love the most in one single day.


My school had a V-Day tradition where students could send each others roses and notes when I was a teenager. I always secretly wanted to be that girl that would get it from her crush, and in seventh grade I finally got one … from my baby brother. The note said, ‘To the best sister in the world.’It was so unique to me because it was so different from him to do that. I still keep that note to this day — way more special than any teenage crush’s love note!

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