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Lab offers quick Covid-19 tests at Fashion Fair in Fresno

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Sina Khoun, clinical lead for Covid Clinic at Fashion Fair Mall, is Sina Khoun. Photo by Donald A. Promnitz

Do you want a Cinnabon to go with your nasal swab and your nasal swab.

It is possible to arrange this in Fresno. Covid Clinic, located outside Fashion Fair Mall, has been open since last month. It offers rapid antigen testing for Covid-19 in as little as 20-30 minutes.

The drive-thru is used for testing, while the lab is located in a trailer.

Christian Lara, a Covid Clinic clinical trainer, said that their operations began in March with one doctor in Huntington Beach. Seven months later, 16 testing sights are up and running. A 17th will soon be in Modesto.

“A lot of the hospitals and the pharmacies, you need preexisting conditions to have [a test], whether it be symptomatic or asymptomatic,” Lara said. “Testing was hard and it wasn’t accessible to everyone.”

The rapid antigen test is $150. Lara said that the test is less intrusive because the swab does not reach the nostril’s edge.

You can book tests at covidclinic.org.



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