LA Clothing Designer Forms (re)x to Turn Ocean-Bound Plastics into Products with a Purpose: Starting with a Hanger

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NEW YORK? Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — (re)x, an eco-designCompany founded by Los Angeles-based designer Paulina Quintana, is introducing at NY NOW a new hanger made from 100% recycled plastic that is gathered from the ocean or intercepted before entering the ocean. The (re)x hanger was named “Best in NY NOW Show”In the sustainability category by New YorkChapter of the International Furnishings and Design Association.

“We need to change people’s relationship to plastic,”Quintana, (re)x CEO “Our mission is to create sustainable solutions for everyday products and turn them into an opportunity to remove plastic waste from the environment. The environmental impact of discarded plastics is one of the most vexing issues we face. There are over 8 billion plastic hangers discarded every year along with over 8 million metric tons of plastics entering our oceans annually. Our new hanger represents an advancement in reducing the damage plastic is inflicting on our planet.”

A accomplished designerQuintana has a wealth of experience in the fashionHer passion for green innovation is fuelled by her work in the industry. The (re)x founder ran her own international children’s clothing brand for 13 years to much acclaim but was troubled by the sheer volume of waste created by plastic hangers that were discarded and bound for landfills. (re)x (pronounced re-to-the-x) was born from the desire to reduce consumers’ environmental footprint, with the goal of eliminating the need for products made from virgin plastic.  Quintana created a 100% recycled hanger from ocean plastics.

The raw materials for (re)x hangers come from local recycling efforts and beach clean-ups. South AfricaRecovering plastics from oceans and removing post-consumer plastics from the waste stream. Each hanger’s color will show slight variations over time due to the different types of plastics. All packaging used by the company is 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. This helps keep more plastic out the ocean.

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Marrying Design and Purpose

(re)x has created a household staple. “We have reengineered the hanger,”Quintana. “We increased the overall thickness by 50%, ensuring a significant improvement in durability and resistance to breakage.”  (re)x also increased the vertical strength of the pant bar to hold heavy garments without bending and added an integrated “fishhook-style”garment hook  The unique ‘bridge” at the hanger’s apex completes the design. designClothing packed with clothing allows for maneuverability in tight spaces. “It is superior to traditional plastic hangers in every respect, so it is not going into a landfill, and it is NOT made from virgin plastic,” says Quintana.

Quintana wants to show consumers and retailers that when it comes to ordering hangers again, they can use their purchasing power to make sure the environment is protected by choosing a better, more durable, more sustainable option. “When you consider that most every home, apartment and retail store have plastic hangers, we have a big challenge on our hands to change people’s future buying patterns.”

Manufacturing based on Mission

To manufacture the product, Quintana is partnering with Ocean Plastic Technologies (OPT), a South African manufacturing technology company whose sustainability principles extend well beyond recycled plastics. Ocean Plastic Technologies supplies the raw materials for (re/x’s hanger fabrication, but they also train, educate, and hire South African workers who want to protect the environment.

OPT uses portable “micro recycling plants”These devices are deployed in areas where storms and ocean currents dump plastic along the shore. These mobile manufacturing facilities, which can be accessed quickly and efficiently by OPT, enable them to reach local communities quickly to capture plastics in waterways before they enter the waterways. They then recycle them into products like (re/x hangers).  (Re)x Hangers has been responsible for removing 3.3 tonnes of ocean-bound and ocean-bound plastic waste to date.

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“Paulina has incredible passion and determination to reduce the use of virgin plastic,” Oliver Nudds, managing director at Ocean Plastic Technologies. Paulina’s honesty about the environment is amazing and we are enthralled by her vision. Let’s face the truth, we all have plastic hangers. However, when made from recycled material, they are the right choice for today and the future. This is a hanger that serves a purpose. We are honored to make a positive difference in the reduction of plastic waste worldwide.”

Early Success and E-Commerce Functionality

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, (re)x has manufacturing underway in South Africa and is fulfilling purchase orders for immediate delivery. To date, the company has sold more than 1,000 hangers to high schools, colleges, and universities across North America.

This month, (re)x launched an e-commerce store on its website, allowing consumers to purchase the company’s hangers online and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Individual consumers can also purchase their own 10-pack of (re)x’s fully recycled hangers for a retail price of $18.

Customers can visit www.retothex.com for more information and to place orders.

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