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Community Spotlight: Kaiyoko Star for Final Fantasy 14

Kaiyoko Star Fashion Report Pro
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Final Fantasy 14 introduced Fashion Report 2018 when it added Masked Rose, Kasumi and Kasumi as Gold Saucer members. This minigame requires players to dress up in accordance with certain themes every week. Players also get Manderville Gold SaucerPoints and rewards from boutique vendors.

Masked Rose offers clues to help players find their desired outfit. Players have four chances to present their clothing from Friday through the next theme change. The more your clothing fits the bill, the higher your score and the more MGP you will earn. It sounds amazing, right?!

Unfortunately, figuring out the clues isn’t always as easy as you’d think. That’s why the FF14 community is on hand to help one another, and no one does this better than Kaiyoko Star. This is how it works fashionMiqo’te, a savvy Miqo’te, has been solving weekly challenges since the beginning. He originally participated in the contest to win a pair of Spring Bottoms. Once you have earned 600 Fashion Report points, they are yours to keep. He was encouraged by the community’s response to his work to continue solving weekly challenges. fashion challenge.

“I kept doing it to work on getting better in Photoshop originally, making infographics and trying to help others with it,” Star tells me. “Then I decided to make a Discord bot for it that would shoot out the answers when I tweeted, which turned into a Discord server and now is also my community server. Things kept compiling and growing.”

Star’s weekly process begins by sharing the theme and clues with his Discord channel. After removing any hints that have been used before, Star gets to the real work of finding the solution. “In the case of new hints, we have a group where we discuss the potential options to try out,” Star tells me. “Also, u/YakFuji posts a thread on r/ffxiv where players translate the hints in[to] other languages.”On Thursday, Infographics are prepared using the information compiled by the team. Star then livestreams his six Fashion Report characters to check his guesses and create the base 100 point solution.

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“Next, me and u/c0ff22 on Reddit go through each of the left side slots to find which dyes are required for the week,” Star explains. “u/LittleDucky17 also tests new item options while we’re working on the dyes.”This is how he creates an infographic that includes easy 80/100 point solutions.

Even if the hints are old, allowing Star to easily identify which clothing was used last time, the work doesn’t end there. Star’s friend Omar O’marr is looking to improve upon their previous solution. The weekly infographics take two to three hours to create. If there are many new hints, it can take longer. Star explains that translating the hints from other languages into English is key to determining which clothing you need.

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“I think between all the languages, at least one is pretty straightforward,” Star explains. This collaboration allows for new hints to be solved in 15 to 30 minutes. However, that’s not always the case.

“‘Drapes of Wrath’ for the body is probably the worst I can think of,” Star says. “It took us around six hours to resolve. I ended up running out of alts to use and getting four hours of sleep to come back to the community thankfully solving it. One of the big problems that led to it taking a long time is none of the languages pointed towards anything concrete and there are a ton of body pieces in the game that have cloth draping off of [them].”

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Final Fantasy 14 week 187 Fashion Report Kaiyoko Star Infographic


It is one of the most time-consuming aspects in the weekly challenge. “There is a small trick to it but it’s mostly brute force testing,” Star explains. “The rules to dye are if you have the right type of dye — black, white, red, blue, etc. — it’s worth one point, and if you have the exact right dye it’s two points. Once we know the one-point dye type, we can test the specific dyes of the correct dye type to narrow down which one gives two points. For example, if we gain one point from using ‘Rose Pink’ in the head slot, we know it’s another red dye so we’ll then keep testing other red dyes.”

Star’s playstyle changed slightly due to weekly testing and building infographics. But, the creation of reusable templates has simplified the process. Star said that even though Star could go back to his normal playstyle, Star felt compelled by the community to do more.

“I felt a desire to fill that time with more things to work on,”He says. “The process of creating the Fashion Report infographics led me to fill that time making infographics for other content: Gold Saucer, Blue Mage, Yokai Watch, Patch Unlock infographics, making the Fashion Reporter discord bot, streaming and building my own community. [Fashion Report] led me down a path to looking at the game in a completely different way.”

The biggest problem with the Fashion Report minigame for beginners is that it doesn’t explain the point breakdown. “The Gold medal can be confusing because it ranges from six to nine plus points sometimes, and players get confused why they didn’t get a max score,” Star says.

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Star confesses to his passion for fashion doesn’t extend beyond Eorzea, “I just really enjoy dressing up my cat girl.” You can find out each week’s Fashion Report solutions and keep up to date with Kaiyoko Star via his Twitter and Twitch channel.

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