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Jewelry theft at Fresno’s Fashion Fair Mall frightens shoppers

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FRESNO, Calif. — On Friday afternoon, jewelry was stolen from Fresno Fashion Fair Mall. This panicked shoppers.

This is the second incident of its kind at the mallIn less than two months

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The incidents involved no shots being fired, but the shoppers who were scared mistook the sound the thieves made breaking glass for gunshots.

Fresno police claim that three suspects entered a jewellery store in the city during Friday’s attack. mall. One of them broke the glass with a hammer. The two other thieves stole merchandise.

Police have arrested one suspect and have recovered some of the stolen goods. They are still looking to find the other two suspects.

Fashion Fair Mall has been the victim of a number of crimes, including several shooting incidents.

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Fresno police recently announced that they would be increasing patrols in and surrounding the area. mallTo protect shoppers.

“This is something that is aggravating for everybody. You should be able to go to the mall on a Saturday afternoon and not have to worry about a shooting,”Interview with KFSN-TV: Paco Balderrama, Fresno police chief, had previously stated these words.

Tyler Maxwell, Councilmember, had stated that the shootings at northeast Fresno were a result of a terrorist attack. mallFresno has a much larger violence problem.

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